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Wednesday, August 09, 2006 | The current mood of DuctapeFatwa
Zionist Janjawid Atrocity Roundup with Iraq Crusade Stress Relief Bonus

A few news stories (with links) that may be of interest to those who are following the progress of the Situation. Let's start with Iraq:

A US military court deciding whether four soldiers should be court-martialled for rape and murder heard today how troops were "driven nuts" by combat stress and how one of the accused burned a puppy.

Yesterday, the court at Camp Liberty heard graphic testimony of how three of the soldiers took turns raping a 14-year-old Iraqi girl before murdering her and her family....

A quick google of the news accounts of this particular "operation" of the bestial horde of torturers and sexual predators that are currently deployed to the crusade in Iraq, where they are carrying out the will and desires of the American taxpayers, made clear that western media reports are focusing on the "stress" experienced by their beloved "troops." Certainly no media outlet wishes to be accused of failing to support the troops.

The little girl's name was Ameer. The picture, at left, is the only one I have seen, and I thank the kind person who forwarded it to me. It is not clear whether she was shot prior to being burned, after she had provided stress relief to the crusaders.

I would like to ask my brothers and sisters, Americans and Israelis included, who have been blessed with little daughters, granddaughters, great-granddaughters, that you take a moment to look, really look, at Ameer's picture, take a moment, pretend she is an Israeli child if you need to, and think of all she could have been, think of the proud moment of the graduation day that will never occur, think of her as the bride she will never be, on the joyous day of a wedding that will never take place. And think of all the moments in between, of her laugh, hear her sing a song, completely out of tune, as she plays with her little sister, dressing up as a princess, see her twirl round in the garden, get dizzy, fall down laughing. Imagine her delight and pride at the first time she prepares a meal for the family, helps her father repair the shed, her first real grownup dress, see the wonder in her eyes as she gazes into the mirror, seeing for the first time a glimpse of the woman that now will never be...

I ask you all to please take that moment, and then, take another moment, to hold your own little princess close, in memory of Ameer, in memory of her tiny sister, her little family.

May God accept their martyrdom.

And on to the ongoing bold and daring exploits of the Zionist Janjawid (props, once again, to Angry Arab for such an apt appellation) but first a tidbit of interesting media gossip from that same Angry Arab:
An informed source sent me this (following the post of the resignation of two Fox News producers in Amman): "Jane Arraf, and Rula Amin were chief CNN correspondents from Baghdad and Jerusalem. I cannot speak for Arraf, but she 'left the scene' without saying a thing. M. met Rula Amin in person and she told him that efforts to portray the situation with more Justice and evenhandedness were censored from the top; I believe she is now working with one of the Arab language Satellite stations--Al Jazeera or Al Arabia to start English language stations under their auspices. Reem Brahimi also left CNN a couple of years ago. Her father is L'akhdar Brhimi-- a diplomat. She married into the Jordanian Royal family-- one of the late King Hussein's sons."

On now to the news stories. With links.

Lebanese officials said there were many reports of other casualties throughout southern Lebanon but rescue workers were not able to reach the sites because of continued Israeli airstrikes. Israel also threatened to attack UN peacekeepers if they attempted to repair bomb-damaged bridges in southern Lebanon. UN officials contacted the Israeli army to inform them that a team of Chinese military engineers attached to the UN force in Lebanon intended to repair the bridge on the Beirut to Tyre road to enable the transport of humanitarian supplies.

According to the UN, Israeli officials said the engineers would become a target if they attempted to repair the bridge.

Senior UN officials reacted angrily to the destruction of a temporary causeway over the Litani river overnight. "We must be able to have movement throughout the country to deliver supplies. At this point we can't do that," said David Shearer, the humanitarian coordinator for Lebanon. "The deliberate targeting of civilian infrastructure is a violation of international law."

International aid groups have blamed Israel for not providing security guarantees, thereby paralysing the delivery of aid to the south. Even when aid reaches Tyre, convoys have to apply on a case by case basis for permission to take it out to the villages. Most applications are refused...
(props to catnip)

JERUSALEM, Aug 7 (Reuters) - The Israeli army plans to attack strategic infrastructure targets and symbols of the Lebanese government after Hizbollah rockets killed 15 people in northern Israel, Israel's Haaretz newspaper reported Monday.

"We are now in a process of renewed escalation. We will continue hitting everything that moves in Hizbollah -- but we will also hit strategic civilian infrastructure," a senior General Staff officer told the Haaretz newspaper.

It did not offer any examples of what symbols of the Lebanese government might include...


MICHAEL WARE, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Anderson, for the past two hours, Beirut has been a city under attack. Israeli warplanes circling overhead have unleashed a barrage of bombs on the capital, on its southern outskirts and closer within.

It started about two hours ago. The bombs have been falling in clusters, mostly on a -- on an -- a heavily popular, or a Shia area to the south of the city, near Beirut international airport. The focus of the attack very much has been concentrated on this area.

It must be said that, shortly before the -- before dusk yesterday afternoon, Israeli planes dropped leaflets, warning residents of three areas of impending attacks, advising them to evacuate. The area that is currently under assault was not one of these three areas. There's also airstrikes in the northeast, in the Bekaa Valley, the traditional Hezbollah stronghold.

On July 24, Human Rights Watch reported that Israel was using cluster bombs "in populated areas of Lebanon," which it said "may violate the prohibition on indiscriminate attacks contained in international humanitarian law." But despite the extensive media coverage of the current conflict in the Middle East, almost no U.S. outlets are reporting on these findings....

doctors and Lebanese officials believe that injuries in Lebanon indicate the use of incendiary weapons such as white phosphorus (Inter Press Service, 7/28/06; Agence France Presse, 7/30/06). White phosphorus causes severe and deep burns to the skin and cannot be extinguished with water; the New York Times once called it (3/22/95) one of "the worst chemical weapons" in existence. Israel's use of such weapons would not be without precedent; Human Rights Watch reported in 1996 (5/96) that there was "compelling" evidence that Israel used phosphorus weapons against civilians in its 1982 and 1983 attacks on Southern Lebanon. (The U.S. has admitted to using white phosphorus as a weapon in Iraq...

Israel, which has been blockading Lebanon’s ports for three weeks, yesterday refused to allow the shipment of much-needed fuel for its power plants, Lebanese government officials said.

"Once again, Israel which has been carrying out a maritime blockade, refused Thursday the arrival of ships currently stationed in Cyprus," said an official from the Lebanese government High Relief Commission.

"(Israel) has told the UN, who acts as a communication channel, that paperwork was still missing."

Earlier in the day, the president of fuel importers said that the UN had received Israel’s agreement in principle for delivery of the shipments.

Israel's overnight bombing of highway bridges in northern
Lebanon and strikes at a Hizbollah stronghold in south Beirut paralyzed aid
convoys on Friday and relief workers warned of a worsening humanitarian crisis.

Israeli jets destroyed three bridges on the main coastal highway linking Beirut
to Syria, stalling an eight-truck convoy carrying food, shelter material and
other aid to the estimated 900,000 Lebanese displaced by the three-week-old war.

Astrid van Genderen Stort, senior information officer for the U.N. High Commissioner
for Refugees said the bombing had shut down the major relief pipeline for supplies
traveling to the hardest-hit areas in the south...

The UNHCR was also forced to postpone trips around Beirut to assess the needs and
deliver aid to up to 400,000 people...

Israeli warplanes wrecked four bridges Friday along the coastal highway in north of Beirut in an apparent bid to further isolate Lebanon and pounded new targets in the southern suburbs in a blistering succession of early morning raids.

The bridges are along the northern coastal highway which was practically the only outlet by land through Syria after the bombardment of other border crossing points by the Israeli air force since the start of the offensive on Lebanon on July 12.

Israeli warplanes also again struck the main Masnaa border crossing in eastern Lebanon and the Faraya-Ouyoun Al-Simane road linking the Mount Lebanon range with the inland Bekaa Valley, the state news agency ANI said.

The targeted Christian areas in Mount Lebanon had up to now been largely spared by the Israeli attacks. Hundreds of thousands of people displaced from Beirut, its suburbs and the south of the country have sought refuge in Mount Lebanon.

...The Beirut Centre for Research and Information (BCRI), along with myself, conducted a survey to gauge the Lebanese people's views of the main actors and events in the ongoing conflict. The survey's findings suggest that the Bush administration has to seriously rethink its pitiful attempt to frame the US's unbridled support for the Israeli onslaught against Lebanon as part of both its democracy and "war on terror" agendas, as exemplified by Bush's recent contention that, "Hizbullah ... are willing to kill and to use violence to stop the spread of peace and democracy," and his framing of the conflict as "part of a larger struggle between the forces of freedom and the forces of terror in the Middle East". Such crude casuistry falls far out of step with Arab mainstream opinion, as revealed in poll statistics, which shows that Hizbullah's resistance has unprecedented popular support in Lebanon while the US has lost all credibility as a peacemaker amongst the Lebanese....

87 per cent claimed they supported Hizbullah's "resistance to Israeli aggression", with 80 per cent of all Christians and Druze, 89 per cent of all Sunnis and 96 per cent of all Shias declaring their support. These findings are all the more significant when compared to the results of a similar survey conducted just five months ago, which showed that only 58 per cent of all Lebanese believed Hizbullah had the right to remain armed, and hence, continue its resistance activity. In effect, Israel's aggression against Lebanon has had the unintended consequence of increasing nationwide support for the resistance, which it would not have otherwise enjoyed. Thanks to the high death toll, with close to one quarter on the population displaced, and the colossal material destruction of the economy wreaked by Israel's war machine, Hizbullah's "logic of resistance" and deterrence has been both vindicated and demonstrated. It has stepped in to fill the huge political and military vacuum left by the state...

In other words, Hizbullah, which owes its creation to the Israeli invasion of 1982, is the result of Israel's predatory behaviour and war-mongering, not the reverse. Tackling the roots of the problem therefore lies in pressuring Israel to accept a comprehensive and just regional peace agreement, not in destroying Hizbullah....

The notion that the US is complicit in Israel's war crimes against the Lebanese people is evinced by 89.5 per cent of the sample who reject any suggestion that it is an "honest broker" in the current conflict...


An examination of the ground forces' achievements to date shows that they have hit no more than 10 launchers. The immediate goal of the fighting is not stopping the rockets, but eliminating Hezbollah's southern unit, the Nasser, on the assumption that this will crack the organization's fortitude.

Hezbollah's losses are already estimated at some 380 combatants. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is convinced that Hezbollah's breaking point is near. The army is more skeptical.


An Israeli air strike hit the last crossing over Lebanon's Litani river on Monday, cutting off the main artery for aid to the southern port of Tyre and hard-hit areas nearby, a humanitarian group said.

Christopher Stokes, director of operations for Medecins San Frontieres (MSF), said the bombing of a makeshift bridge had blocked a convoy of food, medical aid and fuel to Tyre, which has seen an increase in wounded from heavy fighting this week.

"Our last remaining supply route into Tyre into the south has been cut," he said after the air strike on the Qasmiyeh crossing about 10 km (6 miles) north of Tyre. The main Qasmiyeh road bridge was knocked out by earlier air raids.

"They have also told us that they can provide no security guarantee that our convoy will not be attacked, so if we move it will be at our own risk and peril," Stokes said...


BOMBAY, 6 August 2006 — In a country widely referred to as the world’s largest democracy, the Indian government has succumbed to mounting Israeli pressure and ordered a nationwide ban on the broadcast of Arab television channels.

The Indian government’s ban on Arab television stations is in complete contrast to the friendship that Arab countries imagine exists with their neighbor across the Arabian Sea. It seems the ban is a move to ensure that Indians do not get to see the atrocities that are presently being committed by Israel in Lebanon and the occupied territories.

Nabila Al-Bassam, a Saudi businesswoman on a trip to Bombay, told Arab News how she became exasperated at not being able to watch Arab channels at Bombay’s leading five-star Oberoi Hotel. When she took up the issue with the hotel manager, she was told that Arab television channels had been banned across India...


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