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Saturday, August 12, 2006 | The current mood of DuctapeFatwa
Kofi Bakes His White Folks A Big Ol' Resolution!

I think it is only natural that just about any "resolution" would be hailed with great joy by many westerners, most of them well-intentioned people who truly do not even notice the racism inherent in the taking for granted that, as As'ad (who by the way, is much more "pro-western" than I) puts it:

"Arab prisoners are just not as cute and not as valuable as Israeli prisoners. For Israeli prisoners, it calls for immediate release, but for Lebanese prisoners, it urges "settling the issue." Settling the issue?" Is that like US settling the Palestinian cause over the years? Or is that like that reference in UNSC 242 to the "refugee" problem?

That is just one example, and I don't know if it is really possible for many westerners to understand how offensive it is, just as referring to any effort to defend Lebanon as an "attack" which must cease immediately, under the terms of this resolution, but Israel's activities in this other country it has invaded are referred to as "military operations" and those are not forbidden by the resolution. Only the "offensive" operations of Israel must cease. But what kind of military operation can Israel conduct in any other country, that is not offensive?

The resolution also gives approval to the occupation of Lebanon, which is why the US and Israel have agreed to it. I know that it will be a disappointment to some to realize this, something of a Catch-22, but the fact is that for any resolution to be signed by either US or Israel, such a resolution MUST

A) Contain approval in some form to Israeli occupation of Lebanon

B) Permit Israel, in some form, to continue its "military operations" in Occupied Lebanon.

There is just not going to be any resolution that the US will permit that would oblige Israel to cease aggression and leave Lebanon, no ifs, ands or buts, and most certainly not oblige Israel to free all the I'm not sure how many Lebanese nationals their operatives have seized.

Now to put this in perspective, I will recommend that old "civics class" exercise that at least in the past, was popular all over the world:

Take the text of the resolution, and for every instance of "Lebanon," substitute "United States," and for every instance of "Israel," substitute "Iran." Then discuss with whoever is around how popular you think such a resolution would be with the residents of an Iran-Occupied United States, as they listened to the bombs overhead.

The resolution requires essentially nothing from Israel. "Upon cessation of hostilities" means when Israel decides that it is through bombing Lebanon, the resolution requires them to move out "in parallel" with the moving in of a force of international gunmen of unspecified mandate, however, the only reason Israel would agree to such a force is if the mandate is for these international troops to do what the US and Israel tell them to, which if you are a Lebanese survivor of the month long slaughter spree in your land, you will be well advised to assume it means their mandate will be to kill you.

It also is very vague, and offensively so, on the subject of Shebaa Farms - I could go on, and As'ad has, if you want to go over to his blog and read what this westernized, moderate and pro-American Arab has to say about it.

I say it is another pile of racist imperialist crap, and I would advise against anybody having any illusion that it will have any relation to actual events on the ground (and in the air), or affect in any reality-based way the march of The Situation.

posted at 2:58 PM

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