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Tuesday, August 22, 2006 | The current mood of DuctapeFatwa
Hezbollah is not a terrorist organization: Grim Realities of The Situation

An internet friend sent me the link to an article today. In many ways, it is not unique, there have been several in recent days, many, like this one, written by Israelis for Israelis.

My main issue with them is that they do appear to buy into the rather odd "Hezbollah hath bowed the mighty Israel" propaganda meme, I confess I am at a loss as to whose interests this is meant to serve. I have emails from the east that make the rather facile suggestion that there is some desire to make people in the Middle East overconfident and then slam down hard, and that is possible, however, it seems rather unecessary. If what US-Israel wishes to do is slam down hard, they have but to do it.

It is rather absurd to suggest that a handful of rockets would seriously present such a deterrent to such a weaponry super-power as Israel. Obviously, they were losing more men than they wished, and perhaps somebody in the Israeli government was getting skittish about popular support for the operation.

Yet that too sounds odd. Since when did the Israeli public object to such "operations?"

But let us, for the sake of argument, assume that that is the case. Israel has cranked it up before, and it could crank it up again. Israelis suffering from shock. There were even some Israeli civilian casualties that could easily have been autobiographied repeatedly not only on Israeli TV but on the US news channels as well.

The more considered opinions whispered in both east and west reference The Situation. The entire Lebanon show was nothing more than a run-up to a larger bombing campaign in Iran, and it is felt, for whatever reason, that it will be preferable to merely have Lebanon mission-creep itself Iran-ward, as opposed to putting the press on alert a week in advance and having them all fly to Teheran and get stiff necks watching the sky, each hoping to break first with those initial blasts.

Iran, says the west every five minutes or so, is "behind" Hezbollah. As if Hezbollah would have folded and died long ago were it not for those evil Iranians.

Which invariably reminds me of the small but very interesting faction who claims that Iran, or at least certain parties there, have been conspiring with Israel for some time now. That would certainly account for Iran's failure to provide Hezbollah with better weapons, maybe even some newer than 3 or 4 decades old. Or perhaps Iran is, as they say, giving very limited backing to Hezbollah. Perhaps Iran is more concerned with The Situation as it will impact Iran, and has a very limited budget of backing energy for the Lebanese Resistance.

One grim reality for Hezbollah, and for any other Resistance entity: they cannot win.

The US and Israel simply have more powerful weapons and more of them. Fighting back against an occupation is not winning, except in a very intangible go down fighting sense. Winning would be sending the other side scurrying back home, tail tucked firmly between legs, and that is not what Israel has done. They have successfully re-occupied Southern Lebanon, dug in their heels, and to top it all off, they will soon be joined by international troops who will assist them in occupying Lebanon, station themselves in the line of Resistance fire to protect Israeli gunmen, and details are being worked out now that will extend the mandate of those troops to include killing Lebanese nationals who resist the occupation, while Israel continues to conduct its "military operations" inside Lebanon with impunity.

This is hardly what one editorial writer described as "re-drawing the Middle East."

While it is undeniably an encouraging sign to see any entity in the region even attempt to stand up to Israel, after decades of region-wide submission to western hegemony, albeit said submission has become increasingly costly to maintain. This is one reason for the popular-in-the-east "conspiracy theory" that all the "Hezbollah kicked Israel's ass" propaganda is a deliberate strategy to lure other would-be, nascent and inchoate Resistance entities to move out into the open, emboldened by the "success" of Hezbollah, so that they can be more easily mowed down, kind of like the strategy employed recently by Israel of leafletting areas, telling the residents to leave immediately or be bombed in their homes, then blowing up the roads as they filled with fleeing refugees. This strategy, goes the speculation, is intended to facilitate the inevitable attack on Iran.

Almost every speculation, theory or musing always leads back to that grim reality of The Situation: that inevitable attack on Iran.

Whatever the actual plans being laid in Washington may be, one interesting aspect of this phase of The Situation is that it appears that a number of Israelis have also bought into the "Hezbollah won" meme, and as a result, have been giving their own Situation quite a bit of thought that meanders into some areas that are quite off the beaten path of typical Israeli bits of thought.

The piece my friend sent me is a good example of this:

...something about terrorists changes over time when they actually are faced with the real challenges of governance. When they are faced with actual constituents, with diverse needs and diverse belief systems, and little real taste for the iron fist and the religion of rifles and explosives.

It is too convenient for many of us, rightists here and abroad, to dismiss the Arabs as terrorists and terrorist sympathizers....
It is impossible not to feel for Israelis who make the effort to move beyond labelling Hezbollah as "terrorists," however, they, as must the "non-west" accept another reality as well:

...If the fossil right is to be believed, then, there's no hope for any of us. If what we are facing 200 million terrorists, as the fossil right would have us believe, there's no hope for the right, either.....
The vast majority of Americans and Israelis are sadly, according to the author's criteria, members of that "fossil right." They are not interested, to say the least, in making such distinctions as referenced in the earlier quote from the same piece about "terrorists" evolving into governing entities. Whatever comparisons anyone wishes to make about South Africa or Ireland, as far as mainstream American and Israeli opinion is concerned, Hezbollah opposes the occupation, Hezbollah resists it, fights back against Israel, and therefore the US, therefore they are terrorists, and therefore they, and everyone who "supports" them, must be killed.

This grim reality sums up the west's "war on terror" very nicely. The war on terror is in reality a war against any entity who opposes US policies, US hegemony, US "exceptionalism," the US as the boss of earth.

It is an endless cycle. US policy includes invading and occupying other countries. All opposed are terrorists, and the US has declared war on terror. The US has declared war on any and all who dare oppose it. You are with us, Bush repeated after his earpiece, or you are with the terrorists.

And thus was born another grim reality: billions more terrorists than anyone in Washington can even imagine.

Maybe it's not such a bad idea, so many people in the east buying into this propaganda meme of "Hezbollah won."

Maybe it will inspire Resistance where there has been none, or none to speak of.

Unfortunately, that will not alter The Situation, the grimmest reality of all, It will only mean that more of us will go down fighting.

posted at 7:02 AM

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