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Thursday, August 24, 2006 | The current mood of DuctapeFatwa
Americans are not malicious, so why didn't they Resist?

America is all about business. When you talk to most people, the first thing they will tell you about themselves generally has to do with their family, their home, or their interests.

When you talk to Americans, the first thing most will tell you about themselves is what they do to make money. That is how they define themselves, what they do to make money and how much of it they make by doing it. "What do you do?" is the first question most will ask each other when getting acquainted, and it is understood that "do" means "make money."

Among American atrocity apologists, one of the most popular and accepted justifications for the commission of atrocities is that the perpetrator did what he did in the hope of receiving a benefit.

I have even seen Americans who were in favor of the Iraq crusade but now oppose it because they are not included in the beneficiaries. They feel deceived and robbed, they had thought that they too would be receiving a benefit, usually cheap gasoline.

I don't think of this as malice exactly, just a sort of cultural solipcism. The very same people who were in favor of the crusade in Iraq until it became apparent that they would not be receiving a benefit are not being malicious, just honest. If you asked any of them to commit an atrocity on their next door neighbor, the vast majority would refuse, I think, even if you told them it would help the war on terror, or that their favorite politician desired it, even if you offered them money or promised them cheap gasoline.

The reality of what they purchase with their tax dollars is not real to them. The victims are not real to them, for one thing, they are far away, strange looking people they see on TV who wear funny clothes and do not speak English. They are not really perceived as human.

Add to this the fact that photographs or video that show the reality of atrocities are considered by most Americans to be in "bad taste."

US corporate media goes to great lengths to protect their viewers from blood, even the blood of Americans. They will warn sensitive viewers before doing a report on the site of an automobile accident if there are bloodstains on the highway.

I believe that this very resistance to anything that might cause them to think, to reflect, on the humanity of their victims, the reality that for many people, it is "911" every day, and that this is done in their name, with their money, and that these are activities from which they had hoped to receive a benefit, is an indication that it is not malice.

There are some, certainly who are malicious, who will very openly call for genocide, who quite simply hate people from certain ethnic groups and wish them dead. And yes, signing up for the crusades is a very appealing notion to these individuals and many of them do so.

Others are the proverbial "chicken hawks" who prefer to cheer from their keyboards or armchairs the perpetrators of crimes against humanity, against humans whose humanity they do not recognize, or if they do, want them dead anyway.

But this particular sector of the American populace is a small minority, as the crusade recruiters have discovered to their chagrin.

Most mainstream Americans are not inclined or interested in personally doing harm to anybody, they simply do not think of their warlords' activities in those terms.

Some of the quaint cultural quirks that Americans are famous for, such as an exaggeratedly insular view, pride in ignorance of pretty much anything very far from their own immediate reality and experience, when combined with a cliched rah-rah "nationalism" that even old imperial Englishmen would envy, could not be more advantageous to the warlords.

To actually resist what they consider their "government" is not something that would occur to them, any more than the reality of an Iraqi mother holding the bloodied remains of her child occurs to them, when they think or speak about their "war on terror."

They believe what they are told, by their warlords and their corporations, not because they are stupid, but because to not believe them is simply not in their nature. Of course America is Number One. Of course America is an Exception. And of course the whole world should be grateful to America, and put American interests before their own. Because America is Number One, and is going to prevail in the war on terror.

Recently, some of them have broken through this cultural bubble, have looked around them and contemplated what all their plastic Wal-Mart junk actually represents.

They have read about history that was never taught to them in schools, and they have come to see the people of Iraq, of Afghanistan, of Palestine, as real human beings, they have come to see Arabs as real human beings, Muslims as real human beings, and as a result, set forth upon a journey as painful as it is liberating, as wrenching as it is empowering.

They have looked beyond their kitchen window and sought to see the world as it is, not as Wolf and Lou and their politicians and their corporations tell them it is, and the gap has left them reeling.

Their reactions have been as individual as they are, some have become active in anti-war activities, others have noticed the suffering a few blocks from their own homes, and have set about to do what they can to relieve just a bit of it, for one person, for two, a dozen.

Some, not quite ready to make the leap, have attempted to make themselves devotees of this or that politician, still struggling with the last membrane of that bubble, until they learn their idol's views on Iran, on Palestine, and their tears dissolve that last membrane, and they are free.

Free to Resist.

It is these courageous folks that would have formed a Reform movement in the US, if there were enough of them to form one, if the world had ever known of their existence, there would have been plenty of people willing to help.

It is a sad irony that while they became aware of the world, the world was never made aware of them.

And it is even sadder that their countrymen who today revile them would one day have listened to their grandchildren learning their names, writing reports on them: American Heroes of the 21st century.

It is not possible to praise them enough, not possible to pay them the homage they deserve.

It is not possible to listen to them tell of their struggle, gaze on the person they have become, consider what they came from, what they had to break free from, and not be humbled.

posted at 1:58 PM

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