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Friday, July 14, 2006 | The current mood of DuctapeFatwa
Lebanon Has the Right to Defend Itself: The US Must Be Held To Account

7-29-06 evening
Standing in front of this 8-year-old boy lying in a hospital bed, the "conflict in the Middle East" and the "cost of war" seem endless and suffocating. His pain cannot possibly be imagined as he shakes uncontrollably in and out of shock. He has blood coming from his eyes.

His name is Mahmood Monsoor and he is horribly burned. In the hospital bed next to him is his 8-month-old sister, Maria -- also burned. Screaming at the top of her lungs is the children's mother, Nuhader Monsoor. She is standing over her baby, looking at her son -- and probably thinking of her dead husband. The smell of burned flesh is overwhelming...

Hezbollah-Infiltrated Link

Is CNN Cal Perry trying to incite treason and anti-Semitism?

Carole Lin was very gentle today when taking Hezbollah operative Cal Perry to task for posting Hezbollah propaganda on his blog, pointing out that allowing the press to witness a recent mass burial in Lebanon constituted an organized media event.

Cal was quick to point out that most western reporters put their cameras down and refused to show photos of dead infants, and as anyone who has spent any time at all on US discussion venues can attest, Americans consider such photos to be at the very least in bad taste, and arguably an attempt to give aid and comfort to the enemy, but in any case, not really supportive of US policies, their only possible virtue that they are documentation that the will of the American people is being carried out.

Bold Cal waffled a bit on Carole's hard-hitting question regarding why he did not focus on the fear and shock being felt by Israelis, as opposed to describing the agony of burned Arab children. He didn't really have much of an answer to that one, even though CNN's own reporters have gone out of their way to stress that the wounds of most Israeli "casualties" consist of emotional shock from being so close to the falling of the missiles, reports which go straight to the hearts of American viewers, who find the thought of Israelis suffering from shock to be nearly unbearable. It was not necessary to point out that these burned Lebanese children have almost certainly been guilty of anti-Israel sentiment, as have their parents.

I would imagine that Cal will be re-assigned pretty quickly. It's not that CNN doesn't trust their viewership, and no one is suggesting that there is any danger of American parents reading about the agonized screams of these burn victims, who may seem small, but you can be sure that their anti-American sentiment is as large as any adult's - are going to go so far as to look at their own little ones and over-humanize the Brutal Enemy That Lurks, but in wartime, one cannot be too careful.

Even Cal himself acknowleges that children seeing such sights as the burn wards and mass burials are not likely to grow up into the kind of pro-American, pro-Israeli occupation adults that will have a future in the New Middle East as domestic workers, and in some cases, even kitchen help and lower-level construction and janitorial work for American companies.

Thus, goes the unspoken but poignant argument, is it not in everyone's best interest to prevent such an unhappy future for those cases where such useful redemption is unlikely?


CNN reminds Americans whose Resolve may have been compromised by some of the more gratuitous acts of cruelty and barbarism their tax dollars are purchasing that Israelis wish to see even more slaughter, shall Americans allow Israelis to outdo them in the unslakable thirst for Muslim blood competition?

The Resistance is apparently still holding on to all that state of the art, cutting-edge weaponry that is pouring in daily from Syria, Iran, and naturally "Al Qaeda," saving it for just the right moment, contenting themselves in the meantime with largely ineffective little volleys of Katushery and ilk that would be unlikely to deter an East LA street gang, much less the second most weapon-rich entity on earth. Though someone arriving on the planet from another galaxy would think that the "Khaibar 1" trumps anything made by Lockheed.

We have heard, from time to time in the last few days, from this or that NGO functionary, a few scattered mewlings about a "temporary cease fire" for "humanitarian purposes," specifically, to permit the Lebanese people to safely flee the daily rain of US-Israeli bunker busters and assorted population reduction material.

Both US and its proxy agent were quick to point out as patiently as possible, that yes, such a cease fire would indeed allow people to flee to safety. Which is why such a cease-fire would be in direct conflict with the goals and objectives of the operation.

Which brings me to a public service announcement I feel obliged to issue: If you are receiving any communications from the theatre, please do not post them to publicly accessible internet forums or other websites, or email them to me or anybody else. While the happy fact that Aunt Rana and her beloved parakeet have arrived safely in wherever is certainly good news, and on its face may appear to have little value to those who will not see it as such, the very fact that communication is possible in this or that place, or was at the time of its transmission, is the kind of thing that is best kept to oneself, under the circumstances.

And a jaunty new feather in the cap of US propagandists: CNN is advertising another of its popular gandaspecials with the solemnly intoned question: "What if your hero sacrificed your husband - and he's still your hero?" The program is sure to enjoy the same high viewership and positive reaction that have made the genre so popular with programming chiefs. We may presume that this one will become an especial favorite of the families of US gunmen...

While the condition of beloved butcher Ariel Sharon is said to be "deteriorating" from the vegetative state in which he has been maintained, King Fahd-like, for months now, he would most certainly be pleased to know that his cherished dream of Gaza as the World's Largest Concentration Camp is being made reality even as the eyes, and occasionally cameras, of the world, are glued to the more spectacular, in green screen video game terms, destruction of Lebanon and its people:

A 12-year-old boy dead on a stretcher. A mother in shock and disbelief after her son was shot dead for standing on their roof. A phone rings and a voice in broken Arabic orders residents to abandon their home on pain of death.

Those are snapshots of a day in Gaza where Israel is waging a hidden war, as the world looks the other way, focusing on Lebanon.

It is a war of containment and control that has turned the besieged Strip into a prison with no way in or out, and no protection from an fearsome battery of drones, precision missiles, tank shells and artillery rounds.

As of last night, 29 people had been killed in the most concentrated 48 hours of violence since an Israeli soldier was abducted by Palestinian militants just more than a month ago.

The operation is codenamed "Samson's Pillars", a collective punishment of the 1.4 million Gazans, subjecting them to a Lebanese-style offensive that has targeted the civilian infrastructure by destroying water mains, the main power station and bridges....

Poodle-Infested Link


Thanks once again to Angry Arab who points us to As-Safir poll showing that fully 8% of the Lebanese people support US position, and even more - 13% oppose Hezbollah!

No doubt reflecting not only on these encouraging numbers, but on US successful crusade in Iraq, Ambassador Gilman explained that the only way to turn all the Leabnese people against the Resistance is to kill more of them, a few hours after the popular Rapture Novel series authors detailed for American televiewers just what it all means. They didn't mention the part about hurling recalcitrant Jews into a lake of fire, but the fans know all about that.

And offline news organizations have not mentioned that just about every server offering the Hezbollah song as a ringtone is struggling with bandwidth issues. A couple have already upgraded, though, so the problem should be short-lived. Downloading the ringtone is the way the young folks are showing their rejection of Hezbollah.

The ringtone is free, it is probably possible to find the Star Spangled Banner free, too, I haven't really heard about soaring demand for that, but I'm sure JayZ's people are worried. His ringtone is not free.

And neither are bombs! This means that every loyal American with enough income to be an asset to their corporations, as opposed to a liability can help fight the war on terror by making sure their portfolios contain plenty of defense stocks.

Hurry! It's a terrific opportunity, but very short term.

Mr. Danger has explained that in the future we will all be dead, and America is doing all it can to expedite the delivery of that future. If it is not the future you had hoped for, or if you are pretty old anyway, hoped for for your descendants, perhaps, then you have been infiltrated by Hezbollah, and may not even be a Christian, or praying for the Rapture.

In other news, it has now been revealed that Hezbollah operative Kofi Annan was responsible for exterminating the 4 UN observers. Who knew he was even anywhere near the theatre? Sly Kofi apparently slipped back on a Hezbollah plane and was back in New York before CNN was even reporting the hit. Must be some sort of intra-Hezbollah kerfluffle.

CNN showed an exciting report of the detruction of a large apartment building in Tyre. The survivors were so grateful, they were shouting with fists upraised in the traditional Middle Eastern gesture of affection for Israel. Subsequent investigation confirmed that the building had indeed contained at least one copy of the Holy Koran.

Every country is so excited now, hoping they will be chosen to help America and Israel cleanse Lebanon. And probably Syria, too!

Nasrullah committed yet another act of terror by appearing on Al-Manar in an alive state. Of course Al-Manar TV is banned in America because it is a democracy. Everybody in Lebanon is so happy to be getting so much democracy spread on them so they can be free like Americans to turn the channel where Al-Manar used to be and see Fox News instead!

New information has emerged about the 4 UN Hezbollah supporters. There are reports that they were committing observation of Israeli military operations, and may have had information that could be embarrassing to the US and its allies.

Hezbollah has also been forcing some reporters to commit the crime of observation, just yesterday the IDF, acting on credible intelligence reports, tried to liberate a photographer from Hezbollah, but it was too late, and she was unable to withstand such a large dose of democracy, but fortunately her film is safe in Israeli hands so it cannot be used for Hezbollah propaganda purposes.

It's an exciting day in the Cleansing Fields!

Israel reports successfully exterminating 4 Hezbollah sympathizers disguised as UN observers, and also announced that Hezbollah is almost completely destroyed now, since they have killed a very important commander who is also a number two Al Qaeda leader, and is believed to have served for a time as Abu Masad Al Zarqawi's pedicurist.

The CNN crew is all but embedded, giving the world a rare and historic up-close and personal look at the destruction of Lebanon. Even cockpit views! Destroying ancient cities is an important aspect of western culture, and the whole world is glued to their sets, to take in this unprecedented view of colonialist expansion as it happens!

And as soon as all the Hezbollah sympathizers have been crushed, and anti-Israel and anti-American sentiment has been stamped out, those bombed out craters will be filled with luxurious settler homes and state of the art military bases!

The princes of Saudi-occupied Arabia have taken time out of their busy schedule to give the US-selected Lebanese Cedar Revolutionary government some money. It is difficult to keep track, but I think the current sum is triple what was originally offered. Apparently a few of them may have been on the verge of falling prey to Hezbollah propaganda and saying things that might be interpreted as criticism of Israel's cleansing operations. If true, this could have been caused by astonishment on the discovery that friends or family members turned out to be Hezbollah sympathizers with rockets in their living rooms, or allowing themselves to be used as human shields, and were of course punished by extermination, to protect US business interests, which is the foundation of any real democracy.

While this is something that has happened to many Lebanese people, with some even expressing disbelief, and insist that their loved ones were "innocent," this kind of protestation is of itself suspect, and probably indicative of the mourner's own Hezbollah sympathies.

In the case of US-approved Lebanese officials, however, the more likely explanation is that what may appear to be criticism of Israel is merely a courteous way of indicating that additional funding from US taxpayers may be needed in order to ensure that the cleansing operation proceeds smoothly, and with the full cooperation of what Washington describes as the legitimate Lebanese government.

Abdullah the Hashemite has also indicated that Jordan may need additional US tax dollars in order to keep his population under the necessary level of crackdown, and to help the US ally root out Hezbollah sympathizers among their own population.

And to America's dismay, many European countries have been so infiltrated by Hezbollah that they don't even want to send troops to help cleanse the area! Or maybe it is just a question of funding, European populations have not really been kept under much of a crackdown. That could change...


Important Security Note: All information contained in these updates comes directly from various standard US Propaganda Sources. This is the best choice for all publicly accessible communications.

Condi has arrived in theatre, and is helping to move the operation forward by making photos of herself and regional US-selected officials available to the world's press.

White phosphorous is not napalm, there is no more napalm, it is not called that any more. Hezbollah sleeper cells have infiltrated some American blogs and forced some of the bloggers to write things that could be interpreted as critical of Israel's defensive cleansing operations taking place in Lebanon.

The phrase "Israel has a right to defend itself" must be incorporated into every third phrase uttered by any politician or reporter engaging in officially sanctioned US propaganda activity.

This all started when Hezbollah kidnapped Israeli soldiers who were conducting defensive military operations in Lebanon, which is recognized by the US as territory that belongs to Israel and can be used for natural settlement expansion. It is because of unauthorized activity clearly designed to prevent Israeli soldiers from operating in their Lebanese territory that Lebanon is being punished, and this will also help to reduce the population to make room for the settlers and create a buffer zone while America helps Israel stamp out anti-American sentiment among the Lebanese people, which is on the rise because Hezbollah is forcing them to engage in this terrorist ideation, and also forcing them to be critical of Israel. Hezbollah has also committed unauthorized infrastructure in Lebanon but this is being destroyed so that the Lebanese people can have the freedom to become pro-Israel and pro-US and earn American-approved infrastructure.

The cleansing operations will have to continue to set an example to other American territories in the region that might be also needed by Israel for natural settlement expansion. This is an especially poignant and meaningful issue to Israel because Ariel Sharon's condition has deteriorated.

Although Hezbollah has only primitive short range crapmissiles that it lobs at Israel causing some death and physical injuries, because they are so inaccurate, Iran and Syria have sent them the deadliest and most state of the art weapons that have pinpoint accuracy. Even though most of the time, the missiles may not cause bodily harm or loss of life, they cause shock and trauma, which is a well known condition that affects only Israelis.

Lebanese children may look innocent but in that part of the world they start to be terrorists early and they could potentially already have committed anti-Israel and anti-American sentiment, as illustrated at left (props to Angry Arab for the photo). This is an especially insidious and hydra-like form of terrorism that can only be stamped out by bombing with weapons that are not napalm and are very effective in destroying terrorist flesh while leaving innocent clothing intact.

America and Israel have a special relationship and Washington will make sure that the cleansing operation moves forward in a very careful and measured pace until Condi and some more Americans can be evacuated by Marines who are only going to Lebanon to get Americans out. And send blankets. They will send blankets from Cyprus but will not go into Lebanon to deliver them unless it is necessary and then that is all they will do. It is important to get humanitarian blankets to show that Americans have compassion even for the Lebanese people who are being forced by Hezbollah to commit anti-American sentment, so America will make sure they have some blankets, because it gets very cold in Lebanon in July.

Americans should remember that there are good Lebanese people, like the ones the US has selected to be part of the legitimate Cedar Revolution government, and also the Christians. They are grateful for the cleansing because they know they need a firm hand, and they respect America and Israel for it, but it is necessary to be vigilant and maintain a heightened state of alert because Hezbollah is always trying to force them to commit anti-American and anti-Israel sentiment.

England and America are working together to decide which countries will send gunmen to help Israel with the cleansing operation because it is a big job.


The US has announced that it will send former oil company operative Condaleeza Rice into theatre to assure that the "cleansing operations" as one of the proxy gunmen described the activities, is progressing nicely. to prepare for her visit, Israel has moved the process forward by bombing Lebanese milk and medicine plants.

CNN continues to reassure Americans that they have provided Israel with the very finest and state of the art population reduction products, and is pulling out all the stops to effect expedited delivery of more bombs and that any civilians who may have been killed or injured are human shields, and the Resistance is almost completely crushed, and in its last throes of remnants and dead-enders, oh wait. That is Iraq. The Lebanese Resistance is over half destroyed and its leaders were killed by 23 tons of bombs compliments of the US taxpayers. Now all they have to do is send in more ground troops to "clean up" the rest of those human shields, but of course they will wait until the Americans are evacuated. US marines are there to do that, but that is all they are there to do, they are just going to do that and leave, they are not staying to help with the cleansing.

No really, they are just going in there to get those Americans out and then they are leaving.

Nasrullah appears to be somewhat less dead than Israeli intelligence reports had indicated.

Angry Arab continues to provide the best English-language near-live-blogging of US proxy activities in Lebanon that I am aware of, and for those more inclined to a western point of view, catnip continues to update her site with a variety of reports, with an emphasis on western media.

Props to Angry Arab for these two photos depicting communication between Israeli and Lebanese children.


As the slaughter continues, US has acknowledged the deployment of some proxy assets "on the ground." Apparently something slipped through the media control cracks and they were unable to retain this as an entirely "covert" operation. Or maybe they announced it on purpose.

US Gandaheads continue to sing their same song: Everyone in the Middle East just loves the US and just loves Israel and hates Hezbollah, especially in Lebanon, and anybody who says they don't is just afraid Hezbollah will find out and hurt them.

Hezbollah is the only entity who is willing to stand up for Israel, and that is why they are so unpopular.
This just shows that Hezbollah are the only ones who really do oppose US or Israel, even the Saudi Princes have denounced Hezbollah!

Hezbollah is hated because all they do is attack Israel, because Iran tells them to, and sometimes Syria does, even though Iran and Syria also hate them, because like everybody else in the Middle East, Iran realizes that the US and Israel are the best ones to run things, and decide when they need to be bombed.

So if the US and Israel will just continue their current operations, people in the region will cease opposing their policies and submit to their will.

And of course anybody who disagrees with any of this is a Hezbollah sympathizer and America will be cracking down on anybody suspected of being one of those, so if you disagree with Daniel Pipes, that's probably a good thing to keep to yourself.

I think I'll leave this picture at the top. I know some people will not like to keep looking at the body of the child, maybe they can look at the man's eyes instead.

"Dear all,
Some of these pictures are very strong.I can not confirm reports talking
about the use of unconventional weapons , but for those of you who dare to
look , you will notice the nature of wounds and burns is not very "familiar".
Today the Israeli government said its "operations" will not end before at
least one week. People are afraid the next few days will be worse than the past ones.
They're expecting that as soon as the evacuation of the foreigners will be
completed, the israelis will have a "freer" hand. So , the fleeing was at
its atmost today. The people who were trying to flee the south and managed
to get out of Saida were traped and killed when the Rmayleh bridge was air
bombed. Tyre witnessed more raids and massacres today , but tens of people
are still under the "remains of their former houses"....
Greetings ,
Hanady Salman"

props to Angry Arab


props to Not in His Name

7-17-06-7-18-06 (overnight)

I really hate being put in a position of debating the merits of weapons, but one of the Washington propaganda organs last night, one of the Big Brotherheads was gently nudging at the argument that since those engaged in defending Lebanon do not have as sophisticated weapons as those the US provides to Israel, that they should cease their pitiful attempts to defend their homes and families.

This was clearly aimed at some Americans who have, many for the first time, failed to condemn any attempt to defend against an attack launched by Israel, Americans who have largely gone along with the program, and passively accepted that the Palestinians are fair game, that Iraqis who oppose being invaded and occupied and tortured and atrocitied in a thousand ways are "insurgents" and engage in very earnest discussions on how this "insurgency" can be most effectively and progressively "crushed."

But in the last few days, on a few of the blogs, I have seen some Americans actually questioning, a few even openly voicing objection, to crimes against humanity visited upon the Lebanese people by Israel.

For those students of war who like to call themselves objective, try this simple test at home. Take any news story, transcribe any TV report or interview on the subject, and with your text editor, switch Israel for Lebanon, and vice versa.

Notice how not once, not on TV, not on any US internet site, do you ever see or hear the words "Lebanon has the right to defend itself?"

So I will say it. Lebanon has the right to defend itself. Sadly, it does not have the means. For all the hype on the propaganda organs, you would think that an astonished Hezbollah has just received a FedEx containing an entire modern arsenal War-In-A-Bag. From Wal-Mart's Defense Wing.

The fact is they are chunking out little sorry-assed short range crapmissles. Yes. short range. When the US propaganda nets say "long range" with reference to Hezbollah's missiles, they are talking about 35 or 40 miles.

With this they are tring to defend a country from the second or third best-equipped and armed army in the world.

So Anderson, if you are so worried about the inaccuracy of the shitty quality of armaments, employing the broadest possible use of that term, take a few million out of one of your trust funds and buy them something more accurate.

This would really be in Israel's best interest. If Hezbollah had all that targetting technology and these smart missiles like Israel has, then when Nasrullah says they don't target civilians, they would have the same credibility Israel does when they say it. As it is, who can argue with Nasrullah on that?

Even CNN points out that their missiles are inaccurate.

It's quite a picture US media paints. According to all 3 gandanets, everybody in Lebanon except for a few "radical militant Islamists" just hates Hezbollah, and they are all just furious at them for shooting missiles at their friend Israel. They don't mind being bombed at all, not by Israel, and they think it is just awful that any Lebanese person would think of shooting a missile at those friendly warplanes dropping weapons designed to clear areas of living things. Israel is just trying to teach them a lesson.

Of course, the Big Brotherheads point out, nobody in Lebanon will come out and say this, because they are afraid of Hezbollah. Maybe that is why they don't have accurate missiles. The sillies went and spent all the money on surveillance equipment so if anybody tells CNN they don't like Hezbollah, Hezbollah will know about it before the words have left the lipstation! And shoot at them with an inaccurate missile.

The other big story of the day is that the western countries are getting their nationals out. Well, the ones that didn't do that a week ago. Even the Americans are getting their nationals out. They have gotten over 50 of only 25,000 out so far. They have to get them out so Hezbollah won't shoot them with a missile. Israel has smart weapons and is America's special friend. Nobody has to worry about getting hit with one of those Israeli bombs because they are too smart to hit Americans.

It may result that the job of helping those defending the people of Lebanon may fall more heavily on the shoulders of private individuals. catnip shares in interesting conversation between a US-funded proxy gunman and a popular Washington propaganda organ. Those who can help already know all about it of course, and are aware that while the US has provided Israel with the most sophisticated weaponry, the defense of Lebanon, such as can be cobbled together, is confined to much humbler resources, which today resulted in a near-tragedy as a rocket missed its target and came perilously close to a hospital.

Israel has announced its intention to essentially destroy at least the southern part of the country, and toward this end, the US has provided it with weapons described admiringly by Fox News as designed to "clear an area of all living things," pointing out that such had been deployed by the US with great success against areas in Iraq and Afghanistan populated with unwanted living things.

7-16-06 I will be updating this post from time to time. The photos and quote below are from Angry Arab's blog.

I have just received these pictures from Hanady Salman, an editor at As-Safir, with this message:
"Dear friends and colleagues ,
You will all have to excuse me for sending this. It's pictures of the bodies of babies killed by the israelis in South lebanon. They are all burnt. I need your help. I am almost certain these pictures won't be published in the West, although they are associated press pictures. I need your help exposing them if you can. The problem is these are people who were asked to leave
their village , Ter Hafra , this morning , within two hours , or else. ... So those who were able to flee went to the closer UN base where they were asked to leave. I think that after the Qana massacres in 1996 when civilians were bombed after they took chelter in UN headquarters , the UN does not want to be responssible for the lives of civilians.A FEW MINUTES AGO , the
Israeli asked the people of Al Bustan village in the south to evacuate their homes. I am afraid massacares will keep happening as long as Israeli actions are uncheked. Please help us if you can
Hanady Salman"
Angry Arab

The US must be held to account as a known provider of funds for its proxy population reduction and atrocity squads in the Levant.

Lebanon must do whatever is necessary to protect itself from attack. Every nation must defend itself against attacks and the destruction of innocent life.

It is my hope that any legitimate defensive actions undertaken by and under the sole auspices of the Lebanese people will make every effort to target first, weapons of mass destruction and other materiel which could be used to attack people in Lebanon and the surrounding region, and second, sources of revenue, which are used to fund such attacks.

It is my hope that the US cease all overt and covert acts of aggression and hostility in the region, repatriate all operatives, and destroy any and all weapons that are currently available for deployment by US proxy forces.

My heart and my prayers are with the martyrs, may God be pleased with them, and comfort and protect the surviving victims.

Blowing up power plants and essential water supplies is not the practice of benevolent societies. Dropping bombs and missiles onto the most densely populated civilian areas in the world can and should be reviled as disgusting. Worst of all would be the crime of aiding and abetting such a regime.
Enemy Link

A baby was sliced into three and body parts hung from olive trees as the full force of Israeli military might hit rural southern Lebanon Thursday....
On a charred mattress rest the remains of a burned baby girl, her arm to one side. Her upper body is at one end of the bed and her lower body at the other.

Police said the 10-month-old and six other family members were killed when an Israeli missile hit their home in the usually quiet village of Baflay, near the coastal city of Tyre.

The baby, whose name has not yet been released, was taken to a hospital morgue in Tyre. Her body has not yet been claimed by relatives.

As dawn broke over the sleepy village of Dweir, near the main central market town of Nabatiyeh, tragedy hit the household of Adel Akkash, a Shiite Muslim cleric.

An Israeli missile destroyed his home, and neighbors who rushed to help met with a gruesome scene. Akkash, his wife and their seven young children were all dead.

Relief workers were called in to recover the remains of Akkash's seven children from the family olive grove, an AFP correspondent said. Small severed body parts were recovered from the branches of olive trees, and placed in plastic bags.

Eleven members of another family -- including five children -- met a similar fate in Zibqine, a small village southeast of Tyre.

A missile destroyed the home of a former mayor of the village who died a few years ago, burying his entire family under the rubble.

Hours after the attack, the dusty bodies of his wife, children and nephews were retrieved from the debris by relief workers who took them to a hospital morgue.

Three other relatives were found wounded, and taken to hospital...

Six civilians were wounded and taken to hospital after air strikes destroyed three houses in the village of Maarub, east of Tyre, police said.

Thursday's deaths brought the total civilian toll to 39 killed, including an off-duty soldier, and about 70 wounded since Israel began its assault on Lebanon on Wednesday.

"The Israelis are suffocating us. They destroyed our roads and bridges. We cannot even flee," said southern resident Ahmad Kamel...

Will the world continue to watch them kill children without doing anything?" asked Jamil Hassan..

Enemy link

Jamil, that is a question that only the world can answer. It is my prayer that the world will not, and that if cessation of aggression and disarmament is not undertaken voluntarily by the US, including its "allied" proxy perpetrators of atrocity, that the world will tonight, as they tiptoe in to check the sweet slumber of their own dear little ones, reflect, and do whatever is necessary to protect those innocent lives, as well as their own, from the most feared and brutal enemy on the planet we all share.

posted at 6:54 AM

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Arthur Gilroy
You are a dumbass. Fuck you and your condescension about us "benighted sheeple."
Untruthful, damaging bullshit
John Locke
no better than the neocons and no different than Timothy McVeigh space
a turd in the punchbowl...if DF were Joe Hill he probably would have killed himself rather than get put to death.
A compost pile of fecundity
despicable and literally mentally ill