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Monday, May 01, 2006 | The current mood of DuctapeFatwa
May 1 News Coverage: Am I Live Blogging Yet?

So far, it seems like the hands down winner here are the people in the streets. They are smiling, they are dancing, they are celebrating human rights, celebrating their attempt to educate people on the subject of human rights.

However, in fairness, having sampled the coverage both around the internets and on the Crusade News channels, the education project does not seem to have been so successful. There is little indication that either the politicians or Lou or any of the MSNBC or the FOX heads have any more of a clue, or interest in obtaining same, on the subject of human rights than they did yesterday.

I would guess this is due more to the raging climate of anti-Otherism than stupidity on their part, though there have certainly been some very courageous individuals who have defiantly refused to keep their stupidity secret. For instance, the ones who complain about the children of migrants and immigrants in the schools, today are outraged because some of them did not go to school. Let's be generous and assume that these folks are just not thinking things through, not because of innate inability, but because blind rage makes it almost impossible.

And naturally one's interest in the subject of human rights will be colored to some extent when one does not consider such large swaths of population to be human.

Among the mainstream demographic, the principal effect of today's events appears to be another paintstripper. While politely ignored on at least one of the self-styled "progressive" blogs, on another several posters had to be reminded to coach their blatant racism in different terms, as when one poster asked "well what about people who have lived in a neighborhood for a long time and Mexicans keep moving in and all of a sudden people are speaking Spanish on their street and they feel like the foreigners?"

Of course it is unlikely that the individual who posed this question intended it, but they very concisely crystallized just one of the growing pains inherent to such a seismic demographic shift. Granted, it is a shift that has been 500 years in the coming, but the choice was made not to prepare for it, or even acknowledge it, and most folks seem fine with that policy, and stick with it even as the shift becomes flesh before their eyes. Anti-otherism, they shriek, is all they need, all they have ever needed for this kind of thing. Segregation tomorrow, Segregation forever! OK, so that was from another human rights movement, but so many elements are identical, you will forgive me if I get the rallying cries of the futile sector confused.


Lou has a special graphic "Walking Out on America." Listen to Lou, people. He is the only one brave enough to remind you that these ungrateful people are turning their backs on America and not showing up for their sub minwage jobs so that they can be deported and a real American can do that job. Oh wait. Lou? I'm all confused. I bet you must be, too. Must have been hard for old Grandpa Dobbs, walking around looking for work, seeing all those "No Irish Need Apply" signs. It's bound to take a toll, even a few generations on...


Lou is really hopping tonight! It took him to inform me that one of the politicians is now floating a trial balloon that would outlaw singing that godawful Star Spangled Something song in any language but English. This is great news! 9,574 languages down, one to go.

I do not hate Americans and I believe they deserve a decent national anthem like other countries have. One that can be sung even by people who are not Aretha Franklin. One like Canada has. Maybe US can liberate it.

Lou also has a nice piece on the shamefully few news reports who refer to the dangerous human rights advocates as "filthy ratdog foreign scum."


Lou Dobbs stubbornly refuses to say whether he believes Mexico should be bombed with conventional or nuclear weapons. Why so coy, Lou?

And he also hasn't said which American job he seized the moment and grabbed while its "illegal alien" occupant was out committing economic terrorism.

Come to think of it, I haven't heard of a single "real American" who took advantage of this golden opportunity to go reclaim one of those American jobs.


MSNBC had a poll quetion today, asking if the "protestors" should be arrested. It seems to have hovered between 67-68% yes, lock em up! all afternoon.

And with props to catnip, the Founder of the MinuteMen has apparently been so inspired by the MSNBC poll that he has decided to run for president.


Due to logistical factors of events in my community, it was decided that the elders and small children will cheer from the sidelines, while the middle slices of the family will support human rights by joining the human squish. :)

So I decided to watch the television coverage and I suppose I could be accused by some of live blogging.

I highly recommend Fox News, who never disappoints those in search of sheer entertainment.

"Illegal immigrants," claimed a man on there a few minutes ago, do nothing but consume resources, all those world-famous social services the US is famous for providing to its low wage earners, they are taking jobs away from real Americans, it is a lie to say they contribute anything to the economy, they should all be deported immediately and it is economic terrorism for them not to go to work today.

Checking around the internets revealed that the blogs that purport to be less extreme right than Free Republic are either largely unaware or disinclined to discuss the now millions of people in the streets of their cities, though one of the largest has apparently become the target of a flock of operatives from Stormfront, or maybe they just clicked the wrong link in their bookmarks.

Christina Chavez said on CNN that no one in Southern California is picking fruits and vegetables today.

posted at 11:46 PM

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