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Saturday, July 31, 2004 | The current mood of DuctapeFatwa
Coming Home from America's Funeral: The Next Step

With the corpse of the US bloated and sprawled over its grave, the time has come for thinking men and women to turn their attention toward the effort to save the rest of the world from the inevitable deadly splatters of the splitting carcass.

No easy task, as the last several decades have been dedicated to inculcating the notion that the United States is the world, of which it is both author and master.

Although there are those in the west who are aware that the world existed, functioned, even produced art and science and thought and ideas long before the English began the process of driving their fellow European genocidists out of the Americas, it is not a line of thought that is encouraged.

This does not affect its stature as historical fact, however, nor should slaughter and pillage enthusiasts bemoan the other historical fact that the United States is not the first brutal empire, but cherish the vision of Genghis Khan himself green as mold with envy, wherever his wretched spirit finds not rest.

Whether the zombie nation Amrika will install a tall or short boysinger, the band's next set has already been typed up and distributed, and it consists largely of an extended dance mix of the 90s Afghanistan hit "Carpet of Gold or Carpet of Bombs."

The new version will feature choruses in several languages, an updated take on embracing diversity.

Like the old dictum that all literature is composed of a handful of stories rewritten, "Carpet" is itself nothing more than a clumsy arrangement of the old Stone Age classic, "Kill or Be Killed."

Despite the overwhelming body of evidence that the interests of the human species are better served by the hopeful, hesitant steps that have been taken over the millenia away from the primordial "Me big, you small. Me hit you in head, take food," structure of caveman days, this is nevertheless the model that the Post Mortem America management are determined to impose as the sole product of every label.

What is remarkable about humans is that there are some, have always been some, who rejected that proto-Flintstone morality, probably mutants, and it is with those blessed mutants that the future of the planet, the future of continued life for the species, now rests.

As has been consistently demonstrated by the Late America herself, it is a far easier task to find ten men who will sell their daughters to a band of brigands for a handful of coins than to find one man who will not, even if all the gold of empire is laid at his feet.

Though the White Man's burden was and is at the end of the day, a storybook fantasy that all the cherishing and clinging of which deluded minds are capable cannot make real, the Mutant's Burden is not a story at all, but an inescapable reality more real than blood, harder than diamonds, and more slippery than oil.

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Friday, July 30, 2004 | The current mood of DuctapeFatwa

Failed State America: Scenes from the Death Chamber

As old soldiers took the stage to glorify colonialist wars of aggression, atrocities past and present, the Democrats practiced their new talking points: Vote for John Kerry because he is a a decorated veteran who knows first-hand what it takes to impose America's will on rogue natives, a man of faith, a man who knows it's not so much what you say as how you say it, what you do as how you present it.

As the party elite party on in a city where the homeless have been safely locked away, those opposed to war crimes caged, America lies dying, an unrecognizable skeleton of a life ill-conceived and nefariously lived, blue foam of morphine oozing from the corners of her cracked lips, the family hovers at the bedside, whispering, they say she can hang on like this for a while, DNR, keep her comfortable, if only we'd known sooner, they might have been able to operate, well, we did know, you remember I told you that day she fell, she hadn't been looking right...

It is not my intention to tell anyone that they "should not" vote for Kerry. Or the short one.

That would be like telling someone in the latter stages of terminal lung cancer that they should not smoke a cigarette.

The United States is a failed state, with no legitimate government, it is run by a corporate designer version of Somalia-style warlords, whose purpose has nothing to do with the well-being of its citizens, and everything to do with stuffing a handful of already bulging profits with the sweat and blood of its own people, and the people of those countries it decides to seize,  with  multi-national sweat and blood, and the innocence of multi-national children.

There is no nation on earth whose people do not fear being invaded and overrun by US funded hordes of torturers and sexual predators, there is no mother who does not tremble at the thought that it could be her own child there in the "interrogation facility," providing a little R & R for America's brave gunmen.

America is feared and despised like the still-breathing corpse of the brute who raped your sister, you cannot feel pity, you can feel nothing but disgust and loathing, and the stench of his putrefication-in-life is a fetid promise that soon he will be no more.

A failed state, with no credible claim to sovereignty or nationhood, it is nothing more than a cadre of war profiteers who rule over a mass of serfs, who will live or die according to the grace and favor of the cadre.

Whether its figurehead is tall or short, literate and urbane or a neurological wreck living with challenges developmental and emotional does not matter to the next child to die, or wish he would, so that the ruling lords of Halliburton, or Heinz, or an optimist merger of Heinz-Halliburton can have more money than most American serfs can even conceive of.

As the glitterati and the politerati clink glasses and hobnob and pose for photos, those for whom a front porch is an impossible dream are neither deceived nor interested.

To those who crouch, weeping over the bodies of loved ones, in the ruined rubble of their humble homes, it does not make a bit of difference how war crimes are phrased or framed, what "face" is painted on them.

Those who scream, who still can make sounds, from the depths of the prisons and interrogation facilities, the cages and holes  and undisclosed locations that dot the globe do not appreciate the nuanced quality of their torment, or the merits of an even-handed discussion of child rape.

America lies dying, and the neighbors gather, murmuring outside the death chamber, they do not enter,not out of respect, but revulsion, and while the family squabbles over the good china, someone slips in, and very quietly pulls the plug.

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Thursday, July 29, 2004 | The current mood of DuctapeFatwa

Democrats Put an Upbeat Face on Torture and Imperialism

It might sound odd, incongruous, even obscene out in the real world, but in the Big Disneyland of the Democratic Party convention, and even out in the admittedly small number of US living rooms that are tuned in to the festivities, it's not only doable, it's being done!

With the miniscule minority of would-be troublemakers variously caged, bought off and generally muzzled in ways not announced to the press, the party's elite can get down to the serious business of telling each other with straight faces that a taller Crusader-in-Chief will make child rape more palatable. It's just a question of putting a new face on it.

They even provided a new face -  a bright and shiny toy - Barack Obama - who mesmerized the crowd so thoroughly that had he made his speech while dragging an Iraqi on a leash across the convention floor, the Faithful would have praised how skillfully he did it.

There! they would have said, that's what we need to see. Not that po-white-trash England girl, but an immigrant, an African-American who went to an Ivy League school. That's what America is all about and that's who we want to think of when we think of tortured Iraqis. And Afghans, and Palestinians, and Lebanese, and Syrians, and on and on, across the deserts and mountains and oceans white with foam to Colombia, the gem of a large chunk of the world's mercenary supply who are not in Iraq.

The Forward seems quite pleased with Obama, gives him good marks for courting and impressing the pro-Israel lobby. He is committed to Israel's security after all, and its "special relationship" with the US.

Business friendly. This is of course a profit-critical issue, and  hey, that's the way the game is played. Child malnutrition levels in Palestine have now passed those in sub-Saharan Africa. Not a small accomplishment, when you consider it has taken decades to get to goal in Africa, and the Palestine results have been achieved in just a few years.

Obama, an African-American for real. Who best to put a diversity-embracing face not only on genocide in Palestine, but on the depopulation of the continent that birthed us all? There's a young man with a future!

Such a good speaker. So full of life and enthusiasm, and (significant look, nod) a clear voice. Very well spoken. Living proof that in America, if you have enough money and the right connections and the willingness to obey orders, like Lynndie England, you can go to a fancy college and wear expensive suits even if you are unlike Lynndie, black.

Lynndie may not be convention speech material, but she has her fans. They have set up a website for those who wish to contribute to her Cause. While her lawyers work for free, a girl's gotta have new leashes every now and then.

Bright shiny toys. Who can resist 'em?

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Wednesday, July 28, 2004 | The current mood of DuctapeFatwa

America's Last Chance Slipping Away
Tonight the United States sent another of its clear messages to the world.
These messages have been increasing in frequency of late, but it is wishful thinking to suppose that they are a cry for help.

Tonight's message was, if the lights are bright enough, the champagne sparkly enough, the pretty girls friendly enough, if flattery and promises are spread on thickly enough, that sector of US society from whence one might hope that opposition would come, can be bought rather cheaply, and dissuaded from the notion of all but the most superficial  pretend opposition.

To the Majority World, particularly those currently suffering from US aggression, the message was even clearer: Even if you don't think that little girl should have had her feet blown off, agree with us now that her sister should suffer the same fate. We will put a Democratic face on it. A multinational face on it. We will make stirring speeches, here have some more champagne, would you like an invitation to the really exclusive secret party? You have impressed me a lot, give me a call after the election, I bet the such and such would really be interested in talking to you.

No one can say how many Iraqis, how many Afghans, how many Palestinians died agonizing deaths, how many torture victims, both adults and children, screamed as the Democratic Party continued its celebration of the slaughter, as the champagne flowed.

And no one can say when the inevitable will come. But it is a question now of when, not if.
It cannot be staved off by bribing poodles and puppets and aspirants to join Amrika's happy band of torturers and sexual predators as they defend the freedom of a select gaggle of corporations to enjoy very impressive quarterly results.

No champagne flows in the death camps, the "interrogation facilities," the dungeons and freight containers and cages and holes in the ground where the Beast ravages his prey. No feel-good rhetoric is likely to ease the pain of burns, of shrapnel wounds, of torture. The young mother at the checkpoint, grieving over the mangled corpse of her almost-born child is not renewed and inspired by the prospect of a cushy job at the local party office.

Foolish are those who hoped against hope that some would refuse to be caged, refuse to be converted into war crime accomplices, endorsers  and celebrators of murder, of torture and rape.

Naive are those who beseeched assorted and sundry deities to deliver them from the evil of brutality, the evil of apathy, the evil of greed.

Tonight, the Beast, gorged from its feast, slumps over, sleeps, to feast some more tomorrow.
It does not see the billions of eyes, waiting...

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Tuesday, July 27, 2004 | The current mood of DuctapeFatwa

Democrats Gather to Praise War Crimes

There was a time when many believed that the Democratic party was significantly different from the Republican party, and some old timers can even confirm that the purpose of a party convention was to nominate a candidate.

Of course now, we know better. The differences between Democrats and Republicans are largely cosmetic, and the US voting class wouldn't have it any other way.

While there may be millions of people around the world who believe strongly in the concept of multi-party Democracy, in the US, such ideas are considered un-American and dangerous, terrorism, really.  The convention is a mega-media event whose purpose is to formally announce the corporations choice for ceremonial figurehead.

What US voters want is assurance that whichever candidate they choose, large corporations will continue to pull the strings, and whichever party is in power, the interests of those corporations will come first. 

If that means sending armed gangs of torturers and sexual predators into ancient lands to rape and pillage and slaughter, both parties have experts on coming up with attractive names for things to make it sound better to the people who pay for it, and both parties have a ready team of CEOs to reap the spoils, with a  modest trickle-down for the ordinary investor.

The serf classes can scavenge from the dumpsters, or go sign up for the crusade and join their fellow gunmen in committing war crimes.

The most important thing for the Democrats this year is to avoid giving the impression that they disagree with Bush. Toward this end, they have selected a candidate who is pledged to continue pursuing the agenda of the corporate warlord syndicate, and confine his differences with the status quo to variations on the "I'll do it better and harder" theme.

There can be no whiff of suspicion that any official Democrat or Democrat official is opposed to colonialist wars of aggression based on the bedrock principle that the earth and all its resources, both human and petrochemical, are the divinely decreed property of the United States.
While adults and minor children languish in the concentration camps in between functioning as R & R toys for US-funded war criminals, while the halls of those camps resound with the screams of the victims, and their families, in harmony with the screams of children burned and shredded by cluster bombs, bunker bombs and just plain old bullets (America recently proudly announced that it had shot so many Muslims that it was running out of bullets, but luckily would be able to buy some from Israel), the elite Democrats will dine at groaning tables heaped with gourmet delights and sip the finest wines while discussing how best to portray their candidate as like Bush, but taller.

And below their luxury suites, those who object to torture and slaughter and feudalism will be safely caged, to protect the public from the knowledge that anyone in the US dares to object to such fundamental American values.

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Sunday, July 25, 2004 | The current mood of DuctapeFatwa

Caging Protestors at the Democratic Convention: a Positive Spin

Putting political protestors in cages, especially those who would protest at the US Democratic party convention can be seen as a positive move, if you're a die-hard optimist.

For one thing, it puts the lie to the outdated and obsolete notion that the Democratic party is ideologically different from the Republican party, in case its endorsement of a candidate who supports extrajudicial executions, medical treatment as a commercial product, and the New! Improved! Manifest Destiny and deification of the corporate warlords, a candidate pledged to continue the slaugher of innocents, the pillage of the treasure of other nations weren't clear enough.

Wisely taking a tip from George Wallace's lesson learned in the 1958 Alabama governor's race, the Democratic choice is working hard to head off being "out-Terrored" by the Republicans.
Kerry admirers who a few months ago indignantly defended right-wing critics who assailed Kerry's repudiation of the Viet Nam war (after he had returned from his voluntary stint participating in it) now tout their kite-surfing exomorph as the man who can "get the job done" in Iraq and chide Bush for "allowing insurgents" to control this or that city in their own country.

This is all utterly unsurprising and predictable. I personally predicted it, and I have plenty of company.

Now the only thing left is for Kerry to call for internment camps for those with a "Middle Eastern appearance." He has already announced Zero Tolerance for "gang violence," to allay affluent white fears that he might attempt to alter the US policy of mass incarceration of black and brown people. He is learning the code. He's a smart one. Unlike his opponent, he is able to read and comprehend briefing papers, analyses and press reports.

Instead of cards with big block letters, staffers will be able to give Kerry just a few scrawled notes. He will be able to read the teleprompter without an auxiliary audio feed.

It is appropriate that this increased intellectual capacity in the proposed new syndicate figurehead be accompanied by increased intellectual honesty.

Which brings us back to caging the protestors. This time, when the event is over, the protestors will, as far as we know, be allowed to leave the cage and return to their homes.

Caging them in the first place is the big hurdle. Merely leaving  the cages locked will hardly make a ripple.

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Dean People and Taliban supporters: Beyond ABB
 If you are familiar with the chat rooms and message boards, and tributaries thereof frequently featured on CNN, or if you remember the old Taliban chat room, or even hang out in South Asian IRC channels enough, you have met people who, although they claim to be pro-Taliban all the way, yesiree, would have a cow if suddenly obliged to live by Mullah Omar's Rules of Refined Rural Pashtunistan Conduct.

They "support the Taliban" not because they believe that God does not want us to fly kites or wear nail polish, but because the Taliban is perceived to "stand up" to the US.
Same thing with Osama. There are millions of people all over the world who know nothing of Agent bin Laden's 27 year career with the CIA, who carry his picture around and chant his name because he, too, is perceived to have stood up to the US.

So desperate are people in the Majority World to throw off the yoke of corporate warlord colonization that they will rally round anybody who will publicly say it should be thrown off, and ask questions later.

That same phenomenon can be seen with regard to the Dean movement. While there is no shortage of Dean loyalists who agree with him on every issue, and will defend his positions as if they were the last of the good china, the more interesting Dean people, and in my opinion, more threatening to the political establishment, are those who do not particularly agree with Dean's actual positions (or who most decidedly and vehemently disagree with all of them) but who are intrigued by what someone called the "spirit of the Dean movement," the idea of change.
With all due respect to Dr. Dean's more ardent admirers, Dean's political philosophy is pretty prosaic. As is Dean. There is no rags to riches story, no charismatic wildfire, just another rich white guy in a gray suit.

So where's the danger? Isn't that just what the Democrats wanted? Well, yes and no. While Dean the man, Dean the politician were fine, and his politics were fine, Dean the independent spirit wasn't.

While the party hacks sat in back rooms with their designer water and cell phones, Dean did not wait for them to come calling. He turned off his cell phone and turned to the internet, and by the time primary season rolled around, he was considered the front runner. But he had done this, the base he established had done this by themselves, largely outside of the Democratic party umbrella of guidance, and when the party machine took a good look at the Dean machine, it scared them to death.

The idea that people, mostly affluent white people, true, but affluent white people acting on their own, as individuals, as families, not as DNC precinct cells, had managed to rake up this much political dust was indeed frightening.

What these Dean people had in common was that desire for change - and if it could be done by affluent white people on behalf of a mainstream moderate rich white guy in a gray suit,  could it not be done by - well, ANYBODY? Millions upon millions of anybodies - the non-voting majority, ethnic minorities, even God forbid, the POOR?

So Dean and his people had to be taught a lesson. But the real lesson is that democracy is a real possibility for the US - if its people - all its people - will reach out and grab it. If they want it badly enough, if they are sophisticated enough to see beyond the cotton-candy fog of ABB as long as its who WE say, if they will work as hard for it as young men from everywhere from Yemen to Bangladesh are willing to work for the Taliban, not because they love the Taliban so much, but because they want to be free.

If all that would happen, maybe there could be a "candidate" who DID have scary ideas like having the US cease aggression and disarm, making medical treatment a service instead of a commercial product, even dragging out the old notion that the purpose of having a government at all is supposed to be about the well-being of the people, and that democracy means that the janitor and the manicurist and the forklift driver decide - not just the CEOS of defense companies.

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Saturday, July 24, 2004 | The current mood of DuctapeFatwa

Broken Borders, Muslim Menace

Even though noted  xenophobe Lou Dobbs was on vacation today,(probably up at Sam Huntington's lake house, bonding), I still tuned in to keep up to date on the lamentable consequences of Monteczuma's failure to send enough soldiers to the beach on that fateful day, thus missing the chance to avert the problem of illegal immigration that has plagued the Americas ever since.

Good thing I did, or I would have missed the urgent warning of a Mr Culberson that Muslims (gasp - oh NO) are crossing the Mexico border and assuming Spanish surnames in their never-ending quest to Take Over and get your daughter in a burqa.

While it is indeed something of a joke among the 85% of the world's population that stubbornly refuses to be white that some Caucasians, especially American ones, do find themselves just a teensy bit challenged when confronted with the perplexing problem of distinguishing non-whites from one another, there has been encouraging progress on this front - quite a few can now tell a Korean from a Kenyan, for example. However, the learning curve for the more subtle slopes of this arcane science, e.g., Venezuelan vs. Yemeni, appears to be quite steep.

According to the esteemed Mr. Culberson, all Abdullah Al Ashmawi has to do to blend in seamlessly to the peaceful American landscape is tell the day labor contractor who picks him up in the Stop n Go parking lot on his First Day in America is that his name is Jose Lopez and poof! He's a Mexican. On his way to Ann Coulter's house to reposition her lilacs, and just when she least suspects it, Take Over and pop Ann in a burqa, thus removing her from your television and monitor screens forevermore, so busy will she be stuffing dolmas and taking care of little beige babies.


Bien Venido, Jose!

Here are some useful resources to help you learn Spanish:



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Miss Annie's Terrifying Tale of Sinister Syrian Terror

Picture if you will, our heroine, Ms Annie Jacobsen, security mom and internet marketer extraordinaire, there in the airport, with spouse and child, a family outing.
When Suddenly ( foreboding chords in E minor augmented. Or something)  there they are - Middle Eastern Men!

Not one, not two, or even three, which would be harrowing enough for any right-thinking Amrikan air traveller, but 14, count em 14! Middle Eastern Men!

Dressed in shirts with - horror of horrors - Arabic WRITING - on them! Talking to each other! Going to the bathroom!

In the proud tradition of Patriot Eunice Stone, Annie wasted no time in alerting airline personnel to the imminent threat present in the aircraft, and those urinating, shirts with Arabic writing wearing, McDonalds eating suspected potential sympathizers with pre-terror profile causes got to find out first hand that Amrikans are Resolved. In a Heightened State of Alert. Unspoken Orange.

Like a smoothly oiled machine, the brave heroes of Amrika's first line of defense against alarming proximity to Muslims went into action. Miss Annie's 14 worst nightmares were questioned, and determined to be musicians on their way to a gig.

A likely story, hmmmphed Miss Annie, and stalked off, still trembling with fear to write it all down for the Internet, where it was immediately scooped up and batted around from blog to blog to email lists and message boards, and commented on at length by righteously indignant Americans, musicians, hmm, since when does Syria have musicians? And didn't the President, George "God Speaks Through Me" Bush say Syria was going to be added to the Axis of Evil? well, there you go. They were on that plane having a dry run of a terror attack. That's why they went to the bathroom one by one, they were building a bomb in there, a secret one, each one only knew how to build his part, so if they got caught, even when they tortured their families they wouldn't be able to reveal the plan, if they had all been rounded up 3 years ago this wouldn't have happened to poor Miss Annie, how dare you call her a racist? Why don't you go live in Iraq then, you are with us or you are with the terrorists, how do we know you're not? Do you play a musical instrument? I didn't think they were allowed to have music, doesn't it say that in the Koran, right before the part where it says they have to hate America?

So spake the Voice of the Internet

And then Salon picked it up, and the next thing you know there's Annie right there on Crusade News Network being interviewed by none other than the mumbling Goebbelist himself Aaron Brown. Or one of them, they all blur.


As Salon pointed out, Miss Annie's story is a tale of nothing happened. She was on a plane with a band. She got off the plane with her family and proceeded on to her destination, the band went on to play its gig.

In follow-ups to the story, Miss Annie revealed that she "exchanged pleasantries" with one of the Middle Eastern Men, and it was after he failed to return her smile once on the airplane that she notified flight attendants of her state of terror.

So what's up with all this? Is Miss Annie a viral, an operative of some kind, charged with the task of further popularizing the idea of locking up everybody with a "Middle Eastern Appearance?" That seems to be gaining popularity enough on its own without the need to put poor Miss Annie through all that typing.

Or is it just an indication of the preponderance of nutcases on airplanes and the Internet?

Or a little bit of both?

Miss Annie hyperventilates. You decide.

Meanwhile, Miss Annie, in case you're lurking on here, here are some links for you to check out...

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Friday, July 23, 2004 | The current mood of DuctapeFatwa

911 Commission understands that there are some questions that should not be asked

The President's special hand-picked commission to investigate how the 9-11 events can best be utilized to pre-emptively thwart any suggestion by a tiny gaggle of Democrats that taxpayer money be spent on children's health and housing has done an exemplary job.

Wisely leaving a wide berth around any unanswered questions regarding the events themselves, the commission focuses its pronouncements on questions of bureacracy and funding.

This is only proper, as delving too deeply into matters involving late August stock transactions or Miraculous Passports, Mysteriously Raptured Passenger lists, shadowy "art students" and resurrected hijackers available for interviews and the like can only cause needless strife in a nation that prides itself on freedom of religion, why hack away at these core principles of faith?

No, the commission has astutely elected to turn evil to good, and bring the horror of the 9-11 events from the dungeon of unanswered questions into the light of understanding that there are some questions that loyal Americans simply do not ask, and Task Forces and Recommendations for complete and thorough evaluations of the commission's report, to be compiled into a complete and thorough report with very specific budgetary recommendations.

Alleged opposition candidate Kerry, as always undeniably taller than Bush, wasted no time in delivering his own statement. Kerry will not be satisfied with a task force, no sir. He wants an Emergency Summit. A very High Level one. And this Summit will not produce any mere report, either, but an Agenda. Once the Agenda is completed, then we can talk about some task forces.
Just as long as nobody notices that boxcutters were banned on airplanes in 1994, and you can take your Bic lighter right to your seat in your pocket today.



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Thursday, July 22, 2004 | The current mood of DuctapeFatwa

Invading Sudan on Whose Behalf?

Some aspects of the depopulation of Africa are difficult to keep out of the media.

Not that the west is against the depopulation of Africa, after all, they have been paying for it for decades, but they don't like to be reminded of that, and in an election year for the US, neither branch of the corporate party wants to take the chance that the other might finagle some advantage to this week's set of starving/maimed African children photos.

And "BLOOD" screamed the whistles and the fifes of the warriors

To be culturally sensitive, if one must call attention to African genocides, the time to do it is after it had occurred, so that an appropriate memorial service can be produced, with officials expressing regret, any children that may have survived the operation holding lit candles, maybe singing a song. A PBS special, for sure.

The Sudan situation is basically this: Sudan has oil. Rich Arabs wish to exterminate the indigenous population. Their symbiotic SugarDaddies, the oil companies do not have a problem with that, but they do not want any public relations problems. Now why they, or their underlings in the hallowed Washington corridors worry about public relations at this particular time in the history of US atrocities is a mystery. They certainly don't need to. Or elections either. Both "candidates" are trying to out-do each other on which of them will prosecute the warlord syndicate's agenda more aggressively, and  Diebold will take care of the question of whether the slaughter will be presented by a tall puppet or a short one.

They do have a slight potential problemette in the person(s) of the Rich Arabs. US warlords depend on Rich Arabs to help fight the war against democracy in the Arab world, and thus protect the freedom of US oil companies to enjoy very impressive quarterly numbers.
This is just good business. It is a lot easier, and more cost-effective, to pamper and placate a handful of princes and sheiks to put US business interests first than to Gazalockdown an entire population of informed, well-fed, educated citizens who can only be counted on to selfishly put their own interests first.

Fortunately, over the decades, the west has been successful in locating a more than adequate supply of princes, sheiks, and wannabes, who will smilingly dispatch their own grandmothers to Abu Ghraib, if the price is right.

Listen to the yell of Leopold's ghost

And the American taxpayers trust their beloved warlords to make sure the price is right.

Burning in Hell for his hand-maimed host

Sudan has oil. If the corporate warlords want the rich Arabs to cooperate in their usual way, which has been so mutually beneficial for both all these years, they can hardly protest too loudly when the rich Arabs point out, quite rightly, that removing the impediment of the indigenous population can only bring about even more revenue. They can hardly protest because they are quite aware of this fact, and it has formed the basis of US Africa policy since Lumumba, even before.

Hear how the demons chuckle and yell

It is really an heirloom policy, handed down lovingly from America's European grannies, who cut quite the rug in Africa themselves, back in the day.

Cutting his hands off, down in Hell

So here is the problem: How best to assist their business associates, the rich Arabs, in the elimination of these pesky indigenous Africans while maintaining the polite public fiction that they are "deeply concerned" about these "disturbing" reports from Darfur and points afield.

Boom lay Boom
For the moment, the plan seems to have sad soiled poodle Tony Blair toss out a few expendables, to put a "doing something' face on things.

The hope is, that will hold down the fort till after the US elections, when the warlords will have the task at some point, of sending out their spokeschief to explain why  native Africans, UK poodlegifts, and  US soldiers are all  being killed by the Janjawid, who are being paid by the rich Arabs, who are being paid by the US taxpayers.

Mumbo-Jumbo, God of the Congo,
And all of the other
Gods of the Congo,
Mumbo-Jumbo will hoo-doo you

(verses are by Vachel Lindsay)

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Wednesday, July 21, 2004 | The current mood of DuctapeFatwa

Iran Invasion Checklist
America is excited! You can feel the lively anticipation in the air!

It's been well over a year since the United States invaded a country, now that they are all bombed and looted, the newness worn off, Afghanistan and Iraq lie torn and bleeding, still plenty of play left in those, but oh! a NEW country, even bigger and more populous than Iraq!
And with the requisite ancient history to be destroyed and parcelled out to special friends, and sold on eBay. The ancient Persian empire!

Oh, yes, Iran was an empire once too. Reza Jr. is licking his lips, hoping he gets a better shake than Hassan the (at least for now) disappointed Hashemite got at the ruined Cradle of Civilization.

Heinz and Halliburton are positively drooling. Maybe there'll be a Merger of National Unity. Heinz-Halliburton, purveyors of fine Ketchup and Blood.

Operation Persian Freedom. Change the name back. Impressive numbers in the focus groups. The rugs. Very positive association, those rugs. (The Wal-Mart talks are going VERY well. Too bad, Martha.)

And on to the important question of staffing. Commercials are running low, but the Highest Form of National Service, well, it does have a ring. This very special war. But with the technology we have today, there are many tasks that can be performed by a 14 year old. Truth be told, they're better than the older boys. X-box. God Bless America and God Bless X-box. It really does seem like a Divine Plan, doesn't it? All those years, those sweet children were Gaming for Freedom and didn't even know it.

It's a gift really, that they're giving to their children. What a privilege. And the ones whose parents couldn't afford X-Box? No need to worry. No child left behind. Food service and National Service! Doubly blessed, doubly honored.

America can hardly wait! See it tiptoe down the stairs, shake its brightly colored package. It knows what's in there - when, oh when can we open it?


posted at 10:23 AM

Tuesday, July 20, 2004 | The current mood of DuctapeFatwa

Q: Is this what we've become? A: No, it's what you've always been
I saw this question recently, asked by an aspiring young punditpup. The "we" of course, refers to the United States, and the "this" refers to implementation of US policies that involve torture, sexual predation, maiming, kidnapping and murder of children and adults. Not the first time I've seen this asked in the past few years, but I haven't seen a whole lot of folks rushing to answer, so I will.
It is not what the US "has become" that is distressing to some of the internet and newsjunkie crowd. It is what the US has always been.
It is what the US was when the Native Americans were being slaughtered, maimed, tortured, their lands stolen, their culture destroyed, their children beaten for speaking their language.
It is what the US continued to be when slavery was the law of the land, when children were taken from their mothers arms and sold for purposes laboral or otherwise, that was not the business of the vendor. There is a rare African-American in the US today that does not have at least one ancestor who was born of child-rape.
Those interested in just how the US kept up its skills in the 20th century have only to google Philippines, Viet Nam, Latin America, just to get you started, not intended to be a comprehensive list there. (An experiment to try at home. Next time you see an old US gunmen, whisper the words "Subic Bay," and depending on his memory, medication and remaining sense of propriety, he just might tell you a story that make Abu Ghraib look like a symposium on ballroom dancing. Even if he tells it only with his eyes.
Floating around on the internet somewhere is a list of all the countries against which the US has launched acts of aggression, and it's too long to print here.
If you are fortunate to know people from Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, cherish their friendship, learn from their courtly manners, delectable cuisines and ancient traditions, but do not ask them about US operations there and do not mention John Negroponte, whose special talents and unique qualifications have now been unleashed on the people of Ancient Sumeria and Babylon. Google.
Understand that what its gunmen and torturers and sexual predators cannot fit into their already overflowing schedules, the US outsources. Google Palestine. Google Haiti, Colombia, just to get you started. That's your money at work, Mr. and Mrs. American Taxpayer.
Abu Ghraib is not a few bad apples. It is nothing new. It is just another 'facility' where longstanding US policies and practices are carried out, both in the US  and outside of it.
Thanks in large part to the internet, more Americans are becoming aware of just what they are buying with their income taxes.
It is to their credit that some are distressed by it, and even more credit goes to those who are doubtful that putting some other "face" on it will make it any less distressing. I can state without reservation or qualification that you can put any kind of "face" you want to on it and it won't make a damn bit of difference to the victims. Or their families.


posted at 6:44 AM

Monday, July 19, 2004 | The current mood of DuctapeFatwa

World War III is in progress, Class War in the US is not. Yet
The failure of CNN to craft a special graphic notwithstanding, World War III is well underway. Here is a partial list of nations where hostilities are taking place, and/or citizens of the nation are engaged in armed conflict, either as official military forces, unofficial military forces, commercial military forces, or "support personnel."
US, Bulgaria, Sudan, Colombia, Liberia, Haiti, Iraq, Nigeria, Chad, Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, DR Congo, Czechoslovakia, Ethiopia, India, China, Italy, Uzbekistan, Uganda, The Philippines, Yemen, Nepal, Slovakia, Zimbabwe, Indonesia, Latvia, Algeria, Kurdistan, Ukraine, New Zealand, Denmark, Albania, Mongolia, Thailand, Myanmar, Israel, Palestine, Ivory Coast, Lithuania, Poland, Syria, Lebanon, Rwanda, Serbia, Burundi, The Netherlands, Macedonia, Moldova, Portugal, Romania, Hungary, Tonga, Kazakhstan, UK, Japan, South Africa, Russia, Chechnya, South Korea, Australia, Jordan, Sri Lanka, Canada, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Estonia
As I said, a partial list, but as you can see, every continent is involved in World War III.
And, as Albert Einstein wisely pointed out, World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones, so perhaps preoccupation with that is responsible for the US class war not having started yet.
Oh, the conditions are all there. All the resources in an ever-shrinking handful of hands, massive masses of underclass increasingly desperate, and increasing by the day, a corrupt feudal oligarchy has taken the place of accountable government, a gap between rich and poor so wide, not only in material and financial terms, but  so far apart in ideology and perception that it is rare to find anyone who is capable of comprehending the reality of those on the other side of the gaping, growing chasm.
Poor people who think that the affluent just have to walk into banks and announce that they want money, without having to worry about interest payments, that anyone with an office job that pays above minimum wage automatically receives all the medical treatment they need at no cost whatsoever, affluent people who believe that the government provides basic survival needs to those who do not earn enough to purchase them at market value, that the poor have children in order to get another handful of dollars in welfare, and on and on ad nauseam.
There is also mutual hostility, even hatred. The United States has long prided itself on being a nation where one of its core values is that poverty is caused by a deficiency in moral character, that it is the responsibility of both state and affluent populace to exert all effort, regardless of the costs involved, to ensure that the poor are stringently, soundly and edifyingly punished.
Even to those affluent not given to philosophy and contemplation, and quite without their consent, the visible presence of the poor impudently imposes upon their wealthier brothers an unwelcome stabbing pain of involuntary reflection: the menacing mirror of what might have been, what might yet be.
This is an especially cruel hardship for the precariously affluent, those who live in well-appointed homes and drive sleek powerful cars that are owned by the bank, who will not permit them to continue to enjoy these entitlements unless they can make the payments, payments which are frequently larger than the entire income of the poor, payments which they are able to make only at the grace and favor of usually one other human being, who has the power to condemn them to the same poverty from which they now avert their eyes, following a suitable and embarrassing mourning period of "living on savings."
Savings are about as real a possibility for the poor as a trip to Mars. They spend their days, if they are lucky, washing the dishes and cars and handing change to people attired in clothing that costs more than they make in a month, two months. The less lucky can only dream, "If I could work two and a half shifts, I could get an apartment." Maybe they are not the less lucky, as the dishwasher could tell them, the net income from those two and a half shifts is not enough for an apartment, much less the upfront costs of getting one.
He who dreams of all he would do with 80 or a hundred hours of minimum wage a week is blessed with an illusion of getting ahead that those who sit on dingy furniture counting it out every Friday do not have.
So it is easy to see how the affluent resent having to squeeze past and step over the homeless on their way to the showroom to choose new draperies for their guest rooms, and eagerly support politicians who promise funding for more police to lock them up.
The conditions are ripe for a class war, but it is not here yet. As one recent immigrant, valiantly trying to advocate for his new chosen land once argued, the US is better than a developing world country because "there is more food in the dumpsters."
The problem is that the American underclass tends to be an uppity and ungrateful bunch who do not appreciate the opportunity afforded them to find food for their children in the dumpsters. This is largely the fault of the public education system, which in the course of  generously inculcating values of patriotism and loyalty in the children of the poor, fails to make clear that for them,  "liberty and justice for all" means eating from the dumpster.
Americans do not have to look far to see what class war looks like. In Latin America, in Africa, there are many examples of class war in full swing.
It is possible to drive through affluent suburbs in the United States and see stately homes without walls, without gates, cars parked in driveways, visible and accessible.
It is difficult to drive through suburbs in the developing world and find even modest homes and rusty old heaps that are not behind walls, behind gates, and it is a rare stately home whose gate is not adorned with an armed guard, day and night, with a machine gun, a rocket launcher, or several, armed with both.
Concentrating the poor in urban areas helps a lot. And in urban areas in the US you will see a much higher incidence of "security measures" of one kind or another. Using such a simple and direct weapon as miles, the US has managed to stave off class war for much longer than anyone would have thought possible.
In order to storm your home, and take your food, the poor would have to, in most cases, walk 20 miles or so along busy expressways with no sidewalks. Good thinking to leave so much food in the dumpster.
As the desperation level increases, so do prisons. This helps to control the overflow. Without the prison boom, the poor would have spilled out of the cities and down those 20 miles of expressway long ago.
Vigilance and resolve are buying some time, as is insuring that a sufficient % of low income young people are allowed to hold low-level positions in the 3 most profitable businesses of all time: weapons, drugs, and human beings.
That keeps hope alive.

posted at 4:57 AM

Saturday, July 17, 2004 | The current mood of DuctapeFatwa

Open Letter to Seymour Hirsh
In keeping with the new  graded-on-a-curve ethical standards where men who refuse to commit crimes against humanity are considered heroes, and men who denounce them are branded as cowards and traitors, let me thank you for doing what any decent human being with an ounce of raising and a teaspoon of moral character would have done, 30 odd years ago, and again this year.
While you know and I know that what you do is nothing more and nothing less than what a journalist is supposed to do, we both also know that there are damn few  of them doing it these days, and there weren't a whole lot of them doing it back during the Viet Nam show.
Now I will ask you to do it some more. I don't know for a fact if you have in your possession, or accessible to you, copies of media that show US and/or US-funded torturers and sexual predators assaulting minor children and/or adults, and I am well aware that even if they were shown on the CrusadeNets with the same frequency and fervor as the latest KobeLacy scintilla, that it would not make a dime's worth of difference in terms of stopping it, nor would it make it any less acceptable to the people who pay for it, but it would serve as documentation for history, in case history continues to be recorded for much longer, which is not at all certain, nor even probable, given the dearth of skilled stone carvers these days, but sometimes we all have to be like the little boy throwing crabs back into the sea, and you, who have thrown more than your share, might as well throw one more.
Not suggesting you would, but just in case, don't let the timing of American political exhibitions affect you. I imagine you have about the same illusion level regarding American politics as I do, so give it up, Sy.
Neither of us knows for sure, but there could be a shadow of a chance you could save one child, or one adult, and if that child were yours, and that adult were you, it would be worth immediately taking your family and going underground with new identities and hair dye.
Get it off the blogs and onto the satellite feeds. It's time.

posted at 5:08 AM

Tuesday, July 13, 2004 | The current mood of DuctapeFatwa

USA vs. the World: Unbreachable Chasm, Unbridgeable Gulf

The dimesnsions of what is politely referred to as the "disconnect" between how US policy is perceived by the US voting class as opposed to the policy's victims in the Majority World, and to a lesser but uptrending extent, the US's own steadily spiraling underclass, has grown. And the spurt continues. A series of spurts.

Today, voting Americans are united across 'party' lines, divisions of 'right' and 'left,' 'liberal' and 'conservative.'

In unity they hold to be self-evident the doctrine of Manifest Destiny, the premise that the planet earth and all its wealth, its people and whatever lies below its surface, all are de facto properties of the United States, to be retained, destroyed, distributed or hoarded as the Washington warlord syndicate sees fit.

Other bedrock principles include:

It is not a war crime if committed by US forces, either official or mercenary.

Torture of adults and children is an unfortunate aspect of implementing US policy which should not be photographed, and it is permissible to say you hope it isn't true, as long as you keep paying for it.

People who are not white should be helped to become as much like white people as possible, especially if they live in other countries where they may not have a lot of examples. If possible, they should learn English, and become either Christians or western secular humanists.

Poverty is the result of an innate moral flaw, or an example of what happens when #2 is insufficiently implemented.

This is not to say that there are no differences between right and left. Differences abound. To use the current "election campaign" as an example, the shorter candidate is quite upfront for his plans for the "Greater Middle East."

The taller candidate is too, but he prefers to call it "progressive internationalist interventionism."

If there is one thing that the US voting public responds to, it is nomenclature.

While both sides agree that sending an invading force of torturers and sexual predators into a sovereign nation in order to seize its natural resources for US corporations and reduce the population as best facilitates same is the right thing to do, the tall candidate's party feels very strongly that it is important to put an "international face" on this effort by bribing other countries with a share of the war loot, while the short candidate's admirer's like the notion of the US keeping all the war loot for itself, and putting other countries who don't help it invade its target du jour on notice for invasion themselves.

The tall candidate would never consider invading those countries. If any action at all were found to be necessary, it would be only on the advice of the most noted business analysts and would take the form of the most progressive and internationalist type of intervention, and would have a multi-national face.

Obviously, these nuances are lost on those souls who find themselves on the receiving end of America's efforts. In their primitive, simple, brutish way, they stubbornly refuse to see the difference between a child sexually abused by a US gunman in an army uniform and a US gunman in a private company's uniform, or even a Frenchman in a completely different uniform manufactured in France by a French company of material of a superior quality and breathability.

The savages of the Majority World are not even sophisticated enough to see the difference between their families being murdered by criminal gangs of barbarians and dying as a result of a routine military operation aimed at stamping out suspected anti-Coalition sympathizers, even if the Coalition has a totally multinational face.

Their idea of democracy is, more often than not, likely to include the notion that they will have a say-so in their government. Clearly they are not ready for real American-style democracy, where corporations have the say-so because they know best. The Majority World is just not sophisticated enough for that.

Some, ususally terrorists, cling to their traditional tribal belief that the land of their ancestors and its natural resources belong to them, with some even taking this preposterous notion so far as to openly declare that the representatives of American corporations and its puppet regime have no right to be in "their" country at all, and actively seek to vanquish them by violent means. Their goal is to kill Americans, so supporters of both candidates can agree that they must be eliminated by any means necessary.

These views are not reconcilable. The Majority World refuses to see reason on these points, leaving America no choice but to dispatch even more gunmen to impose America's will. Everyone agrees on that, but one of the key areas of difference between the short candidate and the tall's strategy will include which corporations are best qualified to implement that imposition and reap the spoils.

As can be expected, the natives are utterly unable to perceive the advantages of one corporation over another, and remain mired in their constant wailing about their dead son, shredded daughter, miserable hovel, scrappy little crops, their crumbly old statues, as if they could appreciate art treasures!

Fortunately, the American voting public is capable of the advanced reasoning necessary to understand that the interests of American corporations must come first, for their greater good, and have the resolve to make the necessary sacrifices in order to insure that the world's wealth goes directly into US corporate coffers where it belongs, even if they differ on how to phrase the process of getting it there.


posted at 1:33 AM

Friday, July 09, 2004 | The current mood of DuctapeFatwa

The Case for Canceling US "elections:" Pragmatism Comes of Age

To begin with, less than a quarter of the people who live in the US participate in the political process at all. The majority of US residents have been successfully marginalized and for all practical purposes, disenfranchised, resulting in electoral results which, even if 100% counted, monitored and accurate, would not constitute a legitimate election in many democracies.

The corporate oligarchy has solidified its position as author, arbiter and enforcer of policy, both domestic and foreign.

What is popularly called "the electoral process" has become little more than a "venting outlet" for affluent white people, along the lines of the "quality circle" module popular in US corporate culture.

A "quality circle" usually takes the form of a meeting where employees are encouraged to make suggestions and air grievances, while someone from management fresh from a seminar on how to do this, listens intently, nods thoughtfully, takes notes, and files them away at the end of the meeting.

Studies and imperical evidence have shown that quality circles are a low-cost way to improve morale and curb dissatisfaction that could impact production without effecting actual policy or modalities.

Illusion is for most, just as satisfying as substance, whether the illusion is that someone in authority is listening to your concerns, or that you have a choice of which boy-singer will stand at the mike and belt out the set chosen by the band manager.

The US has taken the same pains to prevent democracy from accidentally springing up at home as it has to prevent that eventuality in its oil-rich client states, albeit using different methods.

Domestically, the "strongman" is not one man, but the captains of several corporations, who seldom stand at the mike. Restrictions against protests and criticism of the regime are more lenient, and public education is universally available, with the result that well over 40% of US high school graduates are functionally literate, a great convenience to their employers.

Instead of the more forthright "sheik" method employed in most colonies of the US warlord syndicate, control is maintained within the US using more subtle strategies: Anyone who suggests himself or herself as a candidate who advocates a change to the status quo is merely decreed to be "unelectable."

If the divergence is too great, especially on profit-critical issues, the firebrand risks being shut out of the club altogether, i.e., Cynthia McKinney.

Voters who disagree with the regime are thus reduced and resigned to chew the bone thrown to them - they may be allowed to choose a different figurehead.

The more sophisticated are aware of this. While many outside the US puzzle over how seemingly intelligent, politically aware individuals can buy into something as inane as "Anybody but Bush," deeper investigation reveals that it is less a case of buying into it so much as an acceptance that that is all they get.

They are permitted to request that the policies of the feudal warlord syndicate be announced in more euphemistic terms by a more articulate figurehead with better hair.

They are invited to close their eyes tight and believe with all their hearts that their brothers and sisters in far-off lands will be less dead when shredded by cluster bombs dropped by oil-bribed Frenchmen, that the sons and daughters of the underclass that tends their gardens, cares for their children, serves their lunch, will be less dead if the engine of their demise is called "the highest form of progressive national service."

"Regime change," when it comes to the US, will not come from white collar white people punching a Diebold machine.

Cancelling elections, therefore, would be, like the elections themselves, more symbolic than anything else. You could even call it pragmatic.


posted at 6:40 AM

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My favorite..."In Defense of Holocaust Deniers"
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