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Sunday, October 03, 2004 | The current mood of DuctapeFatwa
US Policies the Real Victor in "Presidential Debate"

Almost unanimously, pundits, bloggers and commentators all over the world agree that John Kerry "won" last week's presidential debate. Even supporters of the developmentally impaired son of the former CIA director, who has wisely postponed a physical examination until after the "election," did not make a very good showing in the verbal skills exhibition.

This has been hailed as a great victory and a turning point for fans of the taller candidate, who appear oblivious to the faint praise damnation.

The real winner, however, is the doctrine to which both candidates are pledged. While affluent Americans watched and discussed the performances of their heroes, US gunmen launched a new mass slaughter campaign in Iraq, US-funded missiles rained down on a crowded refugee camp in Palestine.

The handful of diehards who last week swore they would not, could not support a candidate loyal to the warlord regime's crusade were won over to the safer more comfortable position of the supporters of child rape and torture by the simple televised demonstration that a twenty year veteran of a legislative body is more articulate than a stammering buffoon whose own loyalists acknowledge is barely able to complete a sentence.

Was it planned that way? If it was, it was done well. One might have thought that the hours leading up to the debate were not the best time to publicize what large "operations" were being launched, nor how successful they were in meeting their population reduction goals.

A less confident imperialism might have been hesitant to add to the mix the unusual practice of allowing images of bloodied Iraqi children to be broadcast by regime-approved news media. might have told their man in Tel Aviv to wait until after the debate to add his chorus of agonized screams of dead and dying, not to be seen to be "rubbing it in" that no matter which candidate US voters were drawn to, he would be a package deal, with part of the package the privilege of paying for the murders of hundreds, thousands of men, women and children.

A most auspicious time to herald in the October Plan, the ideal moment for the Congress to roll out the first phase in the long-awaited granting of legal sanction to the torture the American taxpayers have funded with cheerful acceptance for years.

What a welcome banquet for those prodigals, those ideological holdouts whose principles would not allow them to be good Germans. Much better this way, really. It will make their next step all the easier, when they are ordered to send their son or daughter to "soften up insurgents" at Abu Ghraib or Guantanamo, or when the time comes for them to inform the authorities that they suspect a friend, neighbor, or family member of opposing the regime.

As the enemy whose bread they shared or baked is led away, if they should have any twinges of conscience over his fate, they will always have Debate Night.

posted at 3:59 PM

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Actions like Sep 11 do not happen in a vaccuum. Long before those hijackers ever stepped foot on the planes the damage had been done. They were brainwashed with the same type of garbage propaganda that is spewed from Fatwa's weblog.
Middle Eastern countries are so much more barbaric today and preAmercia than America can ever hope to be...America has only been around 230 years...who did you blame for everything before that Ductape? I am calling a Fatwa on your bullshit!
IMO - terrorist plain and simple. He is an Al queda operative who should be put in a cage on gitmo
My favorite..."In Defense of Holocaust Deniers"
I always thought that "The Enemy Within" was just a metaphore for liberalism, that is, until I encountered Ductape Fatwa. He should be in an orange jumpsuit for sure.
ductape is either a commie, al queda, or a deep cover mole
Tells you something about this asshole doesn't it. He's really serious.
I believe that DF is nothing but a Republican plant...
Ductape is a commie, a terrorist, and he drinks blood too. He drinks Capitalist blood. He eats unborn babies too
Give me your address and I'll send you $20 and a thank-you note for taking your hatred elsewhere.
A terrorist with a sense of humor!
He ain't nuthin' but shit
Jim Sagle

inadequate, halfway house bullshit
Arthur Gilroy
You are a dumbass. Fuck you and your condescension about us "benighted sheeple."
Untruthful, damaging bullshit
John Locke
no better than the neocons and no different than Timothy McVeigh space
a turd in the punchbowl...if DF were Joe Hill he probably would have killed himself rather than get put to death.
A compost pile of fecundity
despicable and literally mentally ill