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Sunday, October 17, 2004 | The current mood of DuctapeFatwa
Kerry's Shocking Accusation and other events

With the US political class caught in endless-loop swarm over Presidential contestant John Kerry's chilling accusation that Mary Cheney's parents love her, the Iraqi Resistance continued its advance toward Baghdad.

Bush loyalists were forced to interrupt high-level discussions over whether or when, to present a chained Arab to the captive audience of western reporters it keeps under hotel arrest in Baghdad, and whether to call the chainee Zarqawi or move up the date of the planned Goldstein upgrade to Mohammed Younis al-Ahmed. (Props to the mildly miffed Arab who calls himself angry for that one).

Most pundits agree that the unexpected Kerry aggression would have been thwarted in the bud had the Cheneys had the foresight to immediately issue a brief, but firm denial, but analysts wisely pointed out that it would be far better to have the voters debate the state of alleged parental affection in the Cheney household than pausing to wonder why the two candidates seem to be in such harmonious agreement that the crusade against other countries' sovereignty must continue apace and that medical treatment in the US must remain a commercial commodity.

The American public rose to the challenge, sending a clear message and several thousand outraged suspected potential voters streaming over the Washington Mall to express their outrage at the idea of people who love each other making a solemn commitment to share their lives, and in a double whammy, sending a total of zero to the same mall to express outrage over their tax dollars funding torture, sexual predation and child rape.

It was generally agreed that promoting the erstwhile Abu Ghraib torture camp kokonutty goodness komandant Ricardo Sanchez for his outstanding accomplishment in the popular prison porn genre was statement enough.

To round out the week, the son of the former CIA director heeded the directions from his earpiece to courageously follow pet goat Israel's example of enacting global laws.

Bush's ground-breaking decree will stop the heinous practice of allowing financial aid to reach academic institutions in Europe and elsewhere who permit criticism of whatever Sharon feels like doing to Palestinian children on any given day.

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Actions like Sep 11 do not happen in a vaccuum. Long before those hijackers ever stepped foot on the planes the damage had been done. They were brainwashed with the same type of garbage propaganda that is spewed from Fatwa's weblog.
Middle Eastern countries are so much more barbaric today and preAmercia than America can ever hope to be...America has only been around 230 years...who did you blame for everything before that Ductape? I am calling a Fatwa on your bullshit!
IMO - terrorist plain and simple. He is an Al queda operative who should be put in a cage on gitmo
My favorite..."In Defense of Holocaust Deniers"
I always thought that "The Enemy Within" was just a metaphore for liberalism, that is, until I encountered Ductape Fatwa. He should be in an orange jumpsuit for sure.
ductape is either a commie, al queda, or a deep cover mole
Tells you something about this asshole doesn't it. He's really serious.
I believe that DF is nothing but a Republican plant...
Ductape is a commie, a terrorist, and he drinks blood too. He drinks Capitalist blood. He eats unborn babies too
Give me your address and I'll send you $20 and a thank-you note for taking your hatred elsewhere.
A terrorist with a sense of humor!
He ain't nuthin' but shit
Jim Sagle

inadequate, halfway house bullshit
Arthur Gilroy
You are a dumbass. Fuck you and your condescension about us "benighted sheeple."
Untruthful, damaging bullshit
John Locke
no better than the neocons and no different than Timothy McVeigh space
a turd in the punchbowl...if DF were Joe Hill he probably would have killed himself rather than get put to death.
A compost pile of fecundity
despicable and literally mentally ill