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Tuesday, October 12, 2004 | The current mood of DuctapeFatwa

In Defense of Holocaust Deniers

Possibly the most demonized group east of people who consider Palestinians to be human, on its way to being globally criminalized by Israel - yes, that's right.

It has always seemed to me that the existence of people who deny the Holocaust, or any of the subsequent genocide attempts available for viewing in the mammoth list at
http://www.genocidewatch.org/genocidetable.htm is in its own way, a very positive sign. While such ideation is frequently couched in one or another flavor of anti-Other sentiment, it is unarguably a step up from Holocaust (or any other above-mentioned atrocities) Approval, and in this world, with this species, one takes what progress one can get.

All men of good will wish that the Holocaust had not happened, and wish that the table at the url above were empty. Click the link, let it load, scroll and scroll and scroll, and you just might find yourself sympathizing a little bit with the deniers of all of them. Sure would be easier on the psyche.

The Knesset, however, in its wisdom, has decided that denying the Holocaust will now be a crime. A Global Crime. If you do not live in Israel, Israel will come getcha, and presumably gaunt-faced Mosaad agents disguised as art students, or maybe furniture movers, carrying passports of non-ambulatory cerebral palsy patients will drag you off to be tortured in Facility 1391.

This should give some pause to the Rapturists panting in anticipation of One World Government and Red Heifers and hurling recalcitrant Jews into a lake of fire. But I digress.

It would clearly constitute a violation of the Patriot Act, not to mention the inevitable Rapture Act, to question the Knesset's authority to seize citizens of Liechtenstein or Bhutan or Tonga at will for thought crime. The warlord syndicate regimes of both Israel and its Patron, the US, have decreed and announced that they will seize and/or murder anyone they choose, anywhere, any time.

Perhaps it will be permissible instead for me to respectfully suggest to the Knesset that they have, perhaps in a well-intentioned but misguided attempt at political correctness, not gone far enough.

Without underestimating the chilling threat presented by people who insist that events in living memory and documented with all the technology available at the time did not happen, I believe that the Knesset has unintentionally overlooked criminal elements of a similar, even more dangerous nature.

First, the Flat Earth Society. These brutal fiends surpass even the Holocaust Deniers on the Grave Peril scale. The Holocaust, after all, took place in just one part of the planet, while Flat Earth Evilthought extends to the entire earth!

Who can know how many FlatEarthers those Mosaad agents might stroll right by as they make a beeline for the suspected Holocaust Deniers on your street?

And while they may not have a Society as such, you can be sure that somewhere out there are Anti-Microbialists, determined to convince you that smallpox and strep throat are caused by miasmas, and the most cursory investigative work will reveal clear links to die-hard adherents of the Theory of Spontaneous Generation of Rats.

Knesset, your work is clearly cut out for you. Get to it.

posted at 7:24 AM

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Actions like Sep 11 do not happen in a vaccuum. Long before those hijackers ever stepped foot on the planes the damage had been done. They were brainwashed with the same type of garbage propaganda that is spewed from Fatwa's weblog.
Middle Eastern countries are so much more barbaric today and preAmercia than America can ever hope to be...America has only been around 230 years...who did you blame for everything before that Ductape? I am calling a Fatwa on your bullshit!
IMO - terrorist plain and simple. He is an Al queda operative who should be put in a cage on gitmo
My favorite..."In Defense of Holocaust Deniers"
I always thought that "The Enemy Within" was just a metaphore for liberalism, that is, until I encountered Ductape Fatwa. He should be in an orange jumpsuit for sure.
ductape is either a commie, al queda, or a deep cover mole
Tells you something about this asshole doesn't it. He's really serious.
I believe that DF is nothing but a Republican plant...
Ductape is a commie, a terrorist, and he drinks blood too. He drinks Capitalist blood. He eats unborn babies too
Give me your address and I'll send you $20 and a thank-you note for taking your hatred elsewhere.
A terrorist with a sense of humor!
He ain't nuthin' but shit
Jim Sagle

inadequate, halfway house bullshit
Arthur Gilroy
You are a dumbass. Fuck you and your condescension about us "benighted sheeple."
Untruthful, damaging bullshit
John Locke
no better than the neocons and no different than Timothy McVeigh space
a turd in the punchbowl...if DF were Joe Hill he probably would have killed himself rather than get put to death.
A compost pile of fecundity
despicable and literally mentally ill