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Friday, August 06, 2004 | The current mood of DuctapeFatwa
The Third Gorilla: The Race for Internment Bounce

Seldom has a US election season been so infested with 800 pound gorillas.

On close inspection, however, many are stuffed.

Torturegate, for instance. This is not really a problem. The "outrage," such as it is, has been almost exclusively confined to that small but vocal segment of the 4th estate who have been critical of US policy anyway, and some of the more senior of their number may even be aware of what a venerable old policy it is. Even outside the US, no ambassadors have been recalled, no coalition has formed to hasten to disarm the US and free its screaming, bleeding victims.

This is not to say that plenty of people in Washington, as well as in the Heartland, are not outraged. They are. And supporters of each candidate will assure you that their guy will not rest until the truth comes out and whoever let those cameras in is brought to justice.

Then there's Israel, as the US likes to call its weapons storage facility cum guard dog in the Levant. Both candidates are pledged life and liege to Ariel Sharon, who is doing such a great job guarding America's oil in the region. Both candidates stand strongly behind extrajudicial execution, imprisoning 3 million men, women and children in the world's largest concentration camp, the Policy of Starvation, all the goodies the US taxpayer works hard to purchase. They can even get a tax write-off if they just take a minute to send the IDF some pizza and Pepsi. Tearing down homes and shooting little kids really takes it out of a guy, and some za n' a big gulp just hit the spot.

That's no problem either. Even among Americans who are aware of the existence of a place called Palestine, if it's populated by Arabs, by Muslims, whatever's being done to them is A-OK, as long as it's reducing that population.

There's a third gorilla sitting there, too, getting banana bits all over the upholstery and flicking fleas onto the wax fruit.

The politicos have been studying this one, rubbing chins and speaking in very low voices, trying to figure out if it's stuffed, too.

The decision was made to poke at it, but indirectly, and so Michelle Malkin has written a book.

Within the relatively safe guise of Monday morning QBing the second world war, presented with Michelle's premise that the internment of people of Japanese ancestry during that very special time was justified, it is hoped that a pulse can be taken, a dialogue sparked, a focus group convened, a gorilla poked.

Incredibly, some political stratospherics are unsure whether proposing internment will "resonate."

Obviously, if the answer is yes, each candidate wants to be the first to pluck the ripe fruit proffered by Michelle.

Oh, but, tremble the timid, what if they don't like it? What if they say it's racist? Timid and unread and unaware of the last few centuries of history in the Americas.

Michelle's pistol pops, and they're off! The race for Internment Bounce has begun!

posted at 5:15 AM

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