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Saturday, July 17, 2004 | The current mood of DuctapeFatwa
Open Letter to Seymour Hirsh
In keeping with the new  graded-on-a-curve ethical standards where men who refuse to commit crimes against humanity are considered heroes, and men who denounce them are branded as cowards and traitors, let me thank you for doing what any decent human being with an ounce of raising and a teaspoon of moral character would have done, 30 odd years ago, and again this year.
While you know and I know that what you do is nothing more and nothing less than what a journalist is supposed to do, we both also know that there are damn few  of them doing it these days, and there weren't a whole lot of them doing it back during the Viet Nam show.
Now I will ask you to do it some more. I don't know for a fact if you have in your possession, or accessible to you, copies of media that show US and/or US-funded torturers and sexual predators assaulting minor children and/or adults, and I am well aware that even if they were shown on the CrusadeNets with the same frequency and fervor as the latest KobeLacy scintilla, that it would not make a dime's worth of difference in terms of stopping it, nor would it make it any less acceptable to the people who pay for it, but it would serve as documentation for history, in case history continues to be recorded for much longer, which is not at all certain, nor even probable, given the dearth of skilled stone carvers these days, but sometimes we all have to be like the little boy throwing crabs back into the sea, and you, who have thrown more than your share, might as well throw one more.
Not suggesting you would, but just in case, don't let the timing of American political exhibitions affect you. I imagine you have about the same illusion level regarding American politics as I do, so give it up, Sy.
Neither of us knows for sure, but there could be a shadow of a chance you could save one child, or one adult, and if that child were yours, and that adult were you, it would be worth immediately taking your family and going underground with new identities and hair dye.
Get it off the blogs and onto the satellite feeds. It's time.

posted at 5:08 AM

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Actions like Sep 11 do not happen in a vaccuum. Long before those hijackers ever stepped foot on the planes the damage had been done. They were brainwashed with the same type of garbage propaganda that is spewed from Fatwa's weblog.
Middle Eastern countries are so much more barbaric today and preAmercia than America can ever hope to be...America has only been around 230 years...who did you blame for everything before that Ductape? I am calling a Fatwa on your bullshit!
IMO - terrorist plain and simple. He is an Al queda operative who should be put in a cage on gitmo
My favorite..."In Defense of Holocaust Deniers"
I always thought that "The Enemy Within" was just a metaphore for liberalism, that is, until I encountered Ductape Fatwa. He should be in an orange jumpsuit for sure.
ductape is either a commie, al queda, or a deep cover mole
Tells you something about this asshole doesn't it. He's really serious.
I believe that DF is nothing but a Republican plant...
Ductape is a commie, a terrorist, and he drinks blood too. He drinks Capitalist blood. He eats unborn babies too
Give me your address and I'll send you $20 and a thank-you note for taking your hatred elsewhere.
A terrorist with a sense of humor!
He ain't nuthin' but shit
Jim Sagle

inadequate, halfway house bullshit
Arthur Gilroy
You are a dumbass. Fuck you and your condescension about us "benighted sheeple."
Untruthful, damaging bullshit
John Locke
no better than the neocons and no different than Timothy McVeigh space
a turd in the punchbowl...if DF were Joe Hill he probably would have killed himself rather than get put to death.
A compost pile of fecundity
despicable and literally mentally ill