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Wednesday, January 07, 2004 | The current mood of DuctapeFatwa
Bush's "Illegal Alien" Gambit - Guess Who Wins in the Long Run

The real and unintended long-term consequence of bush's Mexican gambit, pundits will call it.

In reality though, it will be just another predictable, inevitable event as the US transitions to a real American country as opposed to a British ex-colony.

On its face, it looks like a shrewd move. Promise "guest worker" status to millions of people so desperate for survival that they risk their lives and cross deserts without water to work for minimum wage or less, crowding 12 or 20 into a one bedroom apartment so they can send a little money back to families in Mexico, so desperate that they let them go, their sons and husbands and fathers and mothers, knowing they may not return, or may return in a coffin, or may return and have to make a way out of no way to get back again, they can't vote, but their cousins and brothers-in-law can, and every day a few more of their children, born on the US side of the border, citizens, every day a few more turn 18.

If you've been seeing a lot of Mexican families in your town, and you were seeing them in 1994, just about every 8 year old you saw back then can vote now. How many 8 year olds do you see today?

So listen, whispered bush's campaign posse. They already outnumber the n- um, African-Americans, let's float this plan...

Of course the actual plan comes with some strings. It won't hit congress till after the election, and there is no guarantee that any worker who "registers" really will get residency. So built-in failsafes for bush's "base," taken aside, whispered to, speeches will be made, but few Republicans will jump ship over this.

Even shrewder, the ball that is suddenly lobbed into the roiling snakepit of the Democratic pre-primary rumble.

Democrats have coasted on their little splash into the diversity-embracing pool, from which they emerged shivering and scurrying back to the safety of their restricted cabanas a half-century ago, blithely assuming that all your minority groups is belong to us, especially that little gaggle of them over there that vote.

The bulk of America's "minorities" however, like the bulk of America's poor, among which minorities are dramatically over-represented, have been left by both parties to twist in the wind, aided by a polling system that makes sure that that theoretical right to vote stays theoretical, and the matter of fact reality that neither party has anything to offer the poor; the only candidate who has even dared utter the phrase "Living Wage" is considered unelectable, and from the looks of his scrawny campaign chest, it is a hard claim to dispute.

While Democrats are far from united on the issue of undocumented workers in the US, those who favor open borders, or anything that would actually benefit the workers themselves, are about as plentiful as those who favor a Living Wage and Canada-style health care for all.

Even in the most "progressive" and "left-leaning" circles, one does not have to listen too hard to hear cries of "breaking the LAW," "taking our JOBS," although when pressed, few can honestly say that were they in the huarches of their Mexican brothers, that they would sit quietly and watch their children starve to demonstrate their respect for US immigration laws, and even fewer express a real interest in washing dishes in a Chinese restaurant for 12 or 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, and still fewer would even be able to keep up with the pace on your average sunbelt roofing job.

The likelihood that the Democrats will "outbid" the Republicans for Hispanic voters is small, and is not helped by the stubborn refusal of so many Hispanics to be as stupid as politicians both wish and assume they are.

So while the Republicans alternately orate and winkwinknudge each other, and the Democrats debate, a surprising number of supposedly politically unaware Mexicans and Central Americans of varying legal status are quietly aware that Peter Camejo has quietly said, on more than one occasion, "these are the sons of the indigenous people of our continent," maybe one of the shrewdest things one could possibly say in the hearing of millions of people who come from countries with multi-party systems....


posted at 10:31 PM

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